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GOP Rep. Boebert Seeks to Overturn Some of Biden’s Early Assaults on the Trump Legacy

Last week President Joe Biden spent much of his first day in office undoing former President Donald Trump’s initiatives or legislating without involving Congress.

Freshman Rep. Lauren Boebert is trying to reverse some of the reversals.

The Colorado Republican announced Sunday that she had filed bills – the first filed during her brief time in Washington – to overturn Biden’s executive orders pertaining to the Paris climate change agreement, the World Health Organization, and the mask mandate on federal property.

She provided details to each bill in a press release.

Biden rejoined the Paris climate change accord, which would commit the U.S. to a significant overhaul of its economy to meet anti-warming targets, despite America reducing its carbon emissions in recent years and without requiring the world’s biggest polluters – China and India – to do likewise.

Boebert’s “Paris Agreement Constitutional Treaty Act” prohibits the U.S. from taking any actions or spending any taxpayer money to execute the agreement until it is ratified by the Senate as a treaty.

Joining Boebert are Republican Reps. Andy Biggs (Az.), Mo Brooks (Ala.), Tedd Budd (N.C.), Ben Cline (Va.), Bob Good (Va.), Yvette Herrell (N.M.), Doug LaMalfa (Calif.), Mary Miller (Ill.), Alex Mooney (W.Va.), August Pfluger (Texas), and Randy Weber (Texas).

In a statement, Boebert said, “It is clear that the Paris Agreement is a treaty, not an administrative agreement as falsely claimed. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, the U.S. formally exited the job-killing Paris Agreement on November 4, 2020. Implementing the Paris Agreement could destroy up to 2.7 million jobs in the United States by 2025 alone.”

“Simply put,” she added, “the Paris Climate Agreement places an economic handicap on the U.S. for generations to come while yielding no discernible benefit to the environment worldwide. It allows bad actors, like China, to keep increasing CO2 emissions until at least 2030 with no penalty.

Boebert noted that compliance would increase America’s reliance on foreign energy, a national security issue. Rather, she added, trusting “American ingenuity and innovation” and “unshackling job creators by reducing overreaching regulatory burdens … is the path America should be pursuing, not unrealistic and unattainable climate goals not based in science that yield no benefit.” 

“Joe Biden took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution,” she said. “If he wants to keep it, he must transmit the job-killing Paris Agreement to the U.S. Senate for ratification.”

Her second bill, the ‘‘World Health Organization Accountability Act,’’ would block U.S funding for the WHO or participation in any of its activities until the secretaries of State and Health and Human Services jointly submit to Congress a report “describing the manner and extent” to which the WHO and the Chinese government “contributed to the emergence of the COVID–19 global pandemic.”

Besides Biggs and Budd, the bill’s co-sponsors include GOP Reps. Madison Cawthorn (N.C.), Jeff Duncan (S.C.), Matt Gaetz (Fla.), Jody Hice (Ga.), Ralph Norman (S.C.), David Rouzer (N.C.), and Elise Stefanik (N.Y.).

In recent comments, Boebert said, “The WHO is China-centric and panders to Beijing at every turn. There is no reason U.S. taxpayers should contribute more than $400 million annually to an organization that covered for China and failed to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We must not let the Chinese Communist Party off the hook.”

Finally, Boebert’s third bill – the “No Mask Mandates Act” – rescinds Biden’s mask mandate for face coverings on federal property.

Yet it also applies to interstate commerce, requiring masks to be worn at airports and aboard planes, buses, and trains.

Her bill encourages but doesn’t mandate, masks when people work on or visit federal property or engage in interstate commerce.

“You can’t make this stuff up. Joe Biden was on federal land without a mask the same day he signed a federal property mask mandate. Sadly, this is what we’ve come to expect from hypocritical Democrats. ‘Mandates for thee, but not for me,’” Boebert said.

“The Biden administration is already headed in the wrong direction. Instead of focusing on reopening our economy and getting Americans back to work, this president wants more mandates and more lockdowns. Continued federal overreach won’t end the COVID-19 pandemic or put food on the table.”

Boebert’s bill has little to no chance of succeeding in the Democratic-led House.   

But as she noted in her tweet Sunday: “Biden can try to ruin our country, but I will push back.”


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  1. Congresswoman Biebert needs to abide by the law or get out . No one likes her anyway! Guns do not need to be in Government buildings. With everything that has happened, you’d think she would agree. Grow up!

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