resident Joe Biden fell when he tried to get off his bike at the end of a ride Saturday at Cape Henlopen State Park near his beach home in Delaware, but wasn’t hurt in the tumble.

Guess What? Joe Biden’s Old. And The Media And Democrats Just Now Discovered It

Just in case you missed it, President Joe Biden fell off his bike this weekend. He was slowing to a stop to jabber with reporters on his route near his beach house in Delaware when suddenly he toppled over on his right side.

The claim was that Biden actually didn’t forget to put his foot down as he stopped, but that it got tangled up in a toehold on the pedal.

Biden avoided serious injury. But the incident gave conservative columnist Jim Geraghty of National Review a chance on Monday to notice that the media’s refusal to point out something about Biden is shifting now that he’s marred in perpetual sub-40 percent approval ratings, and the Democrats face annihilation in the midterm elections.

He’s old.

“Almost overnight, Biden’s age, mental state, memory, and health changed from the elephant in the room to a topic that is now acceptable for Democrats and the media to discuss,” Geraghty wrote.

Geraghty noted that liberal commentators argued that when he or other conservatives discussed Biden’s age and health status, it was dismissed as “gross, lowest-common-denominator politics that drive people away from public life.”

He pointed out that a writer from The Atlantic shared last week that an adviser close to Biden remarked, “He just seems old.”

Geraghty pointed out that besides The Atlantic, The New York Times, CNN and other liberal outlets have drawn the same conclusion. He highlighted a Wall Street Journal editorial posted on Sunday that mentioned this phenomenon: “A pastime around our office in early 2021 was guessing when Democrats would begin to point out that President Biden was too old for the job and should pack it in.”

His bicycle prowess aside, it now seems, according to the Journal, “the drive to shove the President out the door has already begun.” What was plain three years ago when the Democratic primaries started is now an open topic of discussion for Biden’s party, the Journal added.

Geraghty adds to that point.

“Seemingly overnight, discussing Joe Biden’s age, memory, and mental state isn’t ‘gross, lowest-common-denominator politics’ anymore!” he wrote.

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He argued that the starting point was the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in August, when Biden said he was never briefed on the consequences of a pullout – a line refuted by two generals.

Geraghty noted that the president rarely does more than one event a day, appears at night, does interviews with actual reporters, and routinely rambles even when he does take questions.   

“Biden walks around in a foggy realm in which he is always just trying to do the right thing, the solutions are obvious and simple, his policies are working and just need more time, and every problem besetting the country is the fault of Republicans, Vladimir Putin, or greedy corporations. Everything that goes wrong is just bad luck — “locusts!” — and he would have had to be a “mind reader” to foresee the country’s current problems,” Geraghty wrote.

He needed by predicting that in 2025 Bob Woodward or someone like him will release a “bombshell” book about how first lady Jill Biden and others in his inner circle understood his cognitive declined but worked to hide because there was no one else to run the country. “All the while,” he imagined the book would say, “the public had no idea that Biden was in such rough shape.”

“Hey, how about the rest of us who noticed all of this a long time ago?” Geraghty asked.

“Though it will be treated like a bombshell revelation, the fact is we all have eyes and ears and can see and hear Biden.”

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