Haters On Reddit Attack And Mock Unvaccinated Americans Who Die From COVID With The ‘Herman Cain Award’

Here’s more of that tolerance, sensitivity, and compassion progressives are so well known for.

A Reddit community with more than 340,000 members mocks the deaths of people who aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19 by bestowing on them the “Herman Cain Award,” according to Canada-based Rebel News.

Cain was a black Republican who, as an executive with Pillsbury, once managed hundreds of Burger King restaurants and later became CEO of the Godfather’s Pizza chain. He ran for president in 2012 and was a prominent supporter of Donald Trump in 2016. He died in July 2020 after contracting COVID-19.

Cain was apparently selected as the poster child for this hateful Reddit group because he had expressed skepticism about the virus, and eschewed wearing masks and social distancing. Rebel News noted that Cain later changed his attitude as more became known about the coronavirus.

“Not only does it mock those who died from the virus, but it also mocks anyone who questions the wisdom of mask mandates and mandatory vaccines,” Rebel News reported. “Users are also encouraged to share photos showing proof of vaccination as a means of in-group virtue signaling.”

The article added that it is one of the fastest-growing communities on Reddit.

A moderator of the Reddit community said its purpose is “documenting a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

“If you don’t want to see yourself or your family in the Herman Cain Awards, it’s easy,” the moderator, known only as Rocky Moose, said. “Go get vaccinated.”

Yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccination does not grant immunity from death.

The agency notes that between Dec. 14 and Sept. 27, 8,164 vaccinated Americans died. The CDC is careful to point out that it requires medical authorities to report all such deaths whether or not they resulted directly from COVID.

Rebel News reported that not all liberals are heartless when it comes to the Herman Cain Award.

Lili Loofbourow, a writer for the lefty website Slate, called the community “ugly,” as well as “cruel, a site for heartless and unrepentant schadenfreude.” “This is a place where deaths are celebrated, and it is not the only one,” she wrote.

Loofbourow noted that users of the site usually document those who died with screenshots of their social media posts, starting with their criticism of the vaccines, mask mandates or other COVID policies and then ending with their death announcement.   

“Nothing about the r/HermanCainAward, a dark record of a dark, dark time, is decent or kind or particularly fair,” Loofbourow wrote. “Even using Cain as the model is uncharitable; he was actually among the conservatives who didn’t deny that COVID was real. He advocated following CDC guidelines including social distancing and even masks on his radio show, despite not always adhering to those recommendations himself.”

Rebel News reported that Reddit is reviewing COVID-related communities for potential violations of its policies.  

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6 Replies to “Haters On Reddit Attack And Mock Unvaccinated Americans Who Die From COVID With The ‘Herman Cain Award’”

  1. Try reading some of the posts of the HCA winners. I bet you, they make some of the worst insults and criticism by the people who comment on HCA seem like nuns.

  2. I stopped reading when I got to the fake CDC stats about vaccinated deaths. How do you cultists so blatantly ignore verifiable facts?

  3. “Yet according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccination does not grant immunity from death.”

    Correct. Nothing grants anyone total immunity from death by any cause. The Covid vaccines merely reduce it immensely.

    So stop coming up with such drivel.

    Driving with my headlights on at night doesn’t stop me from getting into an accident. I do turn them on when it is dark, and it certainly reduces my chances of getting in a car accident enormously, and my chances of dying in a car accident even more so.

    I’d quote stats, but I’m sure that you would then claim that they’re fictitious and part of the conspiracy.

    (I am going to damage my position in the Deep State by saying this, but the figures published are …. accurate).

  4. I seem to Remember the “fk ur feelings” crowd mocking people in urban areas in the beginning of the pandemic. Those people died because there was no vaccine available. These people are just dumb.

    No fks given

  5. It doesn’t matter. They’re too dumb to realize they’re killing their own people. The grift that keeps on giving

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