Sheriff Grady Judd Davenport Murder

‘He Didn’t Know What The Law Said’ Sheriff Judd on Davenport Murder

September 6, 2020

by: Staff Report

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – A shooting that took place at 5100 Kersey Street, just off of Highway 192 Sunday morning, resulted in a man’s death.

brian judd grady
Sheriff Grady Judd Holding a Picture of Brian Medeiros, The Shooter

Sheriff Judd says that Bryan Medeiros, pictured above, retrieved a Taurus handgun from his vehicle and pursued, Dyvan Pritchett, who was ‘going crazy’, most likely from drug use, in the apartment building.

Sheriff Grady Judd said, “They used acid and the victim, Dyvan Pritchett, 19, just freaked out and left. He was wearing a pair of shorts no shirt and only had socks on.”

Bryan Medieros shot Pritchett, a 19-year old, with a criminal record, but from the initial investigation, did not pose an imminent threat to Medieros.

In Florida, the ‘Stand Your Ground Law’ enables a citizen to protect themselves or others if they are in imminent danger. In this case, that particular law doesn’t seem to fit.

“Medeiros actually pursued the guy up a flight of stairs. So he wasn’t standing his ground following him up,” said Sheriff Judd.

Bryan Medeiros will be booked in the Polk County jail on manslaughter and concealed weapons charges.

This is an ongoing investigation and we will be updating as information changes.

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