Healthcare Software Company Announces Data Mappings of Major Florida Insurers

Healthcare Software Company Announces Integrations with Major Florida Insurers

Access to real-time insurance data and analytics across provider teams, allows for early interventions for both better health outcomes and cost savings.

The critical information provided is helpful for our care teams to mitigate health risks and costs quickly and effectively.”

— Rolian Ruiz, COO

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES, November 11, 2020 / — Primavera, based in South Florida, has changed the way patient care and practices are managed by providing the tools medical professionals have requested for decades. Primavera’s full suite of tools provide the information from both the insurance companies and the care teams for each patient in real-time. Previously using data inputs from Humana, Coventry, Healthsun, Careplus, United Preferred/Medica, and Simply insurances for clients, Primavera announces their most recent data mapping with top Florida insurance companies like Freedom/OPT, Devoted and Solis insurance companies.

This easy-to-use healthcare software system gives the power of information to the care teams to intervene at the earliest stages of a health concern. For many years the frequent use of costly and inappropriate emergency room visits by our senior population has been concerning for physicians. Primavera is an enhancement of continuity of care for our most at-risk population.

This has been made possible by mapping data for our Florida clients with insurance companies providing the most accurate and timely information. Having all of the patient data in one place, makes for much better decision making not only at the patient level, but also at the practice level. Providers prefer the Primavera system to better understand their high risk patients, high-utilizers and under-utilizers. Additionally, providers are given urgent notifications to prioritize their tasks for the best use of their time for their patients on any given day.

Practice management utilizes the Primavera Data Analytics to better understand their capacity to handle more patients, the need to expand, and to analyze the health of their overall patient population. Easy access to accurate data for New Enrollments, Churn, Funding PMPM, MLR, and MRA, simplify decision making. Leaders can be much more confident in their choices.

Primavera’s COO, Rolian Ruiz , said about the additional Florida Insurance data mapping announcement, “We are happy to offer our clients the data mapped from Freedom/OPT, Devoted, and Solis to be able to provide the best care for all of the Primavera patient population. The critical information provided is helpful for our care teams to mitigate health risks and costs quickly and effectively. With this insurance data, the Primavera software generates reports that help practices examine trends from a birds’ eye view and then drill down to the micro details to examine outliers. We are proud to offer this product giving our users valuable insights to perform at their highest capacity for the greatest good.”

The Primavera healthcare software suite also includes telehealth, complete member records, administration and scheduling. Each part was developed to streamline patient care for better retention and better results. Primavera was developed for MSOs and Primary Care Physicians and then expanded to a wide range of specialties including Allergists, Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, etc. to manage their patient population and multiple payors.


About: Primavera is an integrated healthcare software suite created to simplify data into actionable intelligence improving patient outcomes and overall practice performance. The Primavera team, over the last two decades creating, developing, and managing complex IT architecture and relationship database systems, honed their skills constructing innovative tools to empower users for the best outcomes.

Recently, in the last few years, the team turned its creative focus to find a healthcare solution for the all-too-common information gap. Together, the team consisting of technologists, practitioners and healthcare business executives, created a revolutionary healthcare operating system, called Primavera, to transform the patient-doctor-payor relationship across the care continuum.

This information-rich environment creates efficiencies and transparency to align goals and create better healthcare and financial outcomes. Simply put, Primavera has the clinical and financial tools to run your practice at peak performance.

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