Agency for Health Care Reports Hillsborough COVID-19 Hospitalizations More Than Double from Yesterday

July 16, 2020

By: Staff Report

TAMPA, Fla. – According to the Agency for Health Care Administration hospital database, as of Thursday at 1:04 PM, in Hillsborough County, there are 3,297 total hospital beds in Hillsborough County, with 726 total beds available. On Wednesday, only 644 beds were available in the county.

The Agency for Health Care Administration hospital database breaks down ICU Bed availability and for the county and is reporting 10.13% for adult ICU beds available or a total number of 38. The available ICU beds are up from Wednesday from only 35 ICU beds available.

Of those hospitalizations, the database is reporting that 542 of those hospitalizations are from a primary diagnosis of COVID-19. This number has increased more than double from yesterday which was at 255 hospitalizations from COVID-19.

We will update the hospitalization capacity rates for beds and ICU beds as the data changes.

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