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Hillsborough County Primary Election Ballot Recommendations

July 23, 2020

By: Chris Ingram

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – Over the years I have written “recommendations” for candidates on the ballot for public office. The few years I have not done so, I was inundated by friends with requests for my recommendations. So, for 2020, here are my recommendations for the August Primary elections in Hillsborough County.

Please note, not all names will appear on every ballot. Your party registration, and where you live will affect the races appearing in your ballot.

Separate recommendations for judicial candidates will be coming next week.

U.S. Congress

In the Republican Primary: Christine Quinn. Quinn is clearly the more experienced, mainstream candidate to take on the role of sacrificial lamb against incumbent Democrat Kathy Castor in November. Republican candidate Scott Franklin for Congressional District 15. If Grady approves, enough said.

Clerk of Circuit Court

In the Democrat Primary: Kevin Beckner. Both Beckner and his opponent are career politicians looking for their next job, but Beckner is the more qualified of the two, and has a better temperament for public service.


In the Republican Primary: Charles Brian Boswell. Incumbent Sheriff Chronister is an opportunist and a flawed candidate who has demonstrated ineptitude and wishy-washiness. He is truly a RINO, having given over $15,000 to Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Tax Collector

In the Democrat Primary: Nancy C. Millan. Millan has worked in the Tax Collector’s office for years, and has the support of outgoing Tax Collector, Doug Belden (R). Her opponent is a career politician looking for her next paycheck and has zero experience in the Tax Collector’s office. She has also been delinquent in paying her own property taxes – but wants to collect yours! Milan is the clear choice.

County Commission District 1

In the Democrat Primary: Harry Cohen. Although he is just another career politician looking for his next best job, Cohen is a genuinely good guy, who has a firm grasp of the issues.

In the Republican Primary: Scott Levinson has a small business background that is needed on the board. Tony Morejon has twenty years of experience working for the county. This one is a toss-up, and either unknown candidate will have a hard time beating either of the two more well-known Democrats in a county that is leaning “D” more every year.

School Board District 1

Steve Cona lost my support when he voted for e-learning over in-person classes on August 6th, 2020. In District 1, I recommend Nadia Combs.

School Board District 3

Mitch Thrower. On a board that constantly has accounting problems, having a Certified Public Accountant, a Certified Internal Auditor, and someone with experience in auditing, budgeting, risk management and safety will be a huge asset to the board.

School Board District 5

Henry “Shake” Washington. Washington is a career educator and has the best background in a crowded field of candidates.

School Board District 7

Sally A. Harris. Harris is a former one-term board member and has private sector experience and a common-sense approach to education issues.

Republican State Committeewoman

Clarice Henderson. Henderson has a strong grass-roots background. Her opponent is a power-hungry perennial candidate.

That’s all folks! As they say in Chicago, “Vote early and often!”

Chris Ingram is a Tampa communications, political, and media consultant. Follow him on Twitter at @IrreverentView or send him an e-mail to

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