Hillsborough Emergency Policy Group Implements Stay At Home 24/7

By Brian Burns

The safer-at-home order is happening in Hillsborough County. Beginning tomorrow, Friday, March 27th at 10 PM, this order will be in effect. Note, this is not a curfew, but rather a stay at home order.

“This is about messaging, I think that the word ‘curfew’ is doing nothing but causing more panic in an already panicked community,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister

What does this mean exactly?

This is not a directive, as a directive is more of a “strongly encouraged” suggestion. This is an enforceable by law, order.

This is means 24/7 stay at home, if possible, and keep social distancing a priority. For essential things, like grocery shopping, pharmacy, gasoline, or doctors’ appointments, and employment, they are permissible.

For businesses, this means, if the place of business can maintain social distancing of 6 feet with its customers, they can remain open. This will however, have a huge impact on businesses such as hair salons, barbers, nail salons, and any business that requires face to face contact, as they will be closed until further notice.

There will be gray areas that exist for some small and medium businesses in Hillsborough County and some clarity will be needed from County officials.

Check back for updates to this story.


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