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House Republicans Seek To Make A Statement About Which Flag Our Government Should Fly

House Republicans this week sought to make a statement about which flag our government should fly.
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House Republicans this week sought to make a statement about which flag our government should fly.

GOP Rep. Jeff Duncan of South Carolina introduced the Old Glory Only Act, which would permit only the American flag to be flown above U.S. embassies and other diplomatic outposts.

The bill is a reaction to the Biden administration hoisting the LGBTQ Pride flag, and the Black Lives Matter flag at embassies overseas.

The administration’s behavior has been a source of tension in some nations that do not readily accept America’s woke politics under Democrats.

As The Free Press reported back in October 2021, for example, citizens of Jamaica were upset with President Joe Biden’s decision to allow the Pride flag to be raised over the U.S. embassy.

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“Flying the rainbow flag … is like putting up a Ku Klux Klan flag and telling us that we can’t do anything about it because it is not located on Jamaican soil,” one angry Jamaican wrote. “The U.S. State Department does not dishonor Islamic countries or European countries who don’t support the LGBTQ agenda.”

Fox News reported that the drive to fly the Pride flag began in 2014, during the Obama-Biden administration. That flag has been raised over U.S. embassies in more than a dozen countries since then, including Russia, Spain, Sweden, and South Korea, Fox noted.

Meanwhile, the Black Lives Matter flag also has flown above several U.S. embassies, including in countries with few black people, such as Greece, Spain, Bosnia, Cambodia, and South Korea.

“Our beautiful flag, Old Glory, should be the only flag flying and representing our country over our diplomatic and consular posts worldwide,” Duncan said.

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“The American flag is a beacon of liberty, and no other flag or symbol better portrays our shared values than the Stars and Stripes.”

“It is important to ensure that Old Glory only is flown at American embassies to represent our ideals abroad,” he added.

When Donald Trump was president, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo banned the flying of these woke flags.

Yet under Biden in 2021, Secretary of State Antony Blinken authorized embassies and consulates to fly the Pride flag. Also that year, he approved the BLM flag to be flown to mark the one-year anniversary of George Floyd’s death.

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