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How Florida Farmers Store Their Hay Safely

Proper hay storage is essential for farmers to ensure that they can feed their animals throughout the winter. Hay is what livestock eat, and they need it during the colder months. But hay doesn’t last forever, so it has to be stored properly.

Farmers need to make sure they have enough hay racks or lofts in order to store them easily and without interruption. The storage location should be dry, ventilated, and at 40-60 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. Leaving hay out in the sun will cause it to heat up and spoil quicker than you might think, so farmers need to store their hay safely. Here are a few ways farmers can store their hay. 

Stack in A Way To Help Circulate Air 

Farmers stack their hay to promote air circulation because it can help reduce spoilage. It is important for farmers to keep hay dry and free of mold so it can be used as animal feed for horses, cows, sheep, and other animals.

Choosing the Right Storage 

Farmers need to make sure that their hay is stored safely, and this means making sure that it’s kept up off the ground and away from animals. Hay can be stored in a loft, barn, or hay rack. Some farmers may use an Industrial Shed as a storage option. 

The type of storage farmers will depend on the region and climate. For example, farmers who live in areas with a lot of snow will want to have their hay stored in an enclosed area, so it doesn’t get ruined because of all the snow. And farmers who live in very dry climates may want to have their hay stored at a lower elevation, so it doesn’t dry out too quickly.

Stack on Pallets

Storing hay is an important part of farming, especially when it comes to the safety of the hay. Hay loft storage is nothing new, but many farmers are using pallets to store their hay. The benefits of using pallets are that they keep the hay off the ground and allow more air circulation, minimizing mites and mold growth. Pallets also make it easier on farmers because they don’t have to lift as much hay into the loft.

Farmers who use palletized storage for their hay typically use a forklift or a crane to move them into place. This is just one example of how these pieces can be used in the agricultural process.

Rotating Hay

Ideally, farmers should rotate their hay bales to ensure they don’t get infested with mold. But it is not always possible for farmers to rotate the hay bales every time they place new ones in the loft.

One of the reasons for not rotating hay bales is that it is not always possible for farmers to do so. The other reason could be that if a farmer had several barns and had just placed some new hay in one of them, there might be an unspoiled one in another barn nearby, and rotating would mean too much work. So, in the end, it depends on the farmer. 

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