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How In The Hell Does Iran Have U.S. Citizens Voter Information?

The United States says Iran is responsible for emails meant to intimidate American voters and create unrest in multiple states. Tehran and Moscow have also obtained voter registration information with the goal of interfering in the election, U.S. officials said Wednesday night.

“These actions are desperate attempts by desperate adversaries,” said John Ratcliffe, the government’s top intelligence official, who, along with FBI Director Chris Wray, insisted the U.S. would impose costs on any foreign countries that interfere in the 2020 U.S. election and that the integrity of the election is still sound.

“You should be confident that your vote counts,” Wray said. “Early, unverified claims to the contrary should be viewed with a healthy dose of skepticism.”

The emails were made to look as though they come from the Proud Boys, a self-described militia group. In Citrus County today, the Sheriff’s Office sent out a media alert, “Citrus County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) was made aware of emails sent to Citrus County voters. These emails were allegedly addressed from the group “Proud Boys” and made threatening statements to recipients. CCSO is working in partnership with the Supervisor of Elections Office to document these cases and forward all reports to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, as the lead investigating agency.”

These emails were not isolated to Citrus County and are being reported in pockets across the state and nation. Nationally, Proud Boys have denied involvement, and that makes sense now.

The email threatens the voter to vote for a specific candidate or the group “will come after you.” The emails also display the recipient’s name and address.

“We will know which candidate you voted for,” the email said, though ballot selections are secret under Florida law. The email directed Democrats to change their party affiliation to Republican “to let us know you received our message and will comply.”

Attempting to threaten or intimidate voters in federal elections is a federal crime punishable by fines and up to one year in prison.

So how in the hell does Iran or Russia have your information? Its easy, for a small fee.

StateWho can request the voter file?What information does the file contain?What is kept confidential?What can the file be used for?Programs to keep voter information confidential?
AlabamaAla. Code § 17-3-53, § 17-4-33Political parties are provided with a state list, and counties may choose to make information available to others.All voter registration information, except what is confidential.SSN, month and day of birth.Not specified.Residential address is kept confidential if a voter submits an affirmation that the voter is a victim of domestic violence.
AlaskaAS §15.07.127, §15.07.195Anyone can request a copy of the list or an electronic format.Names, addresses, party affiliation.Age or DOB, any part of SSN, DL number, voter ID number, place of birth, signature.Not specified.A voter may elect in writing to keep the voter’s residential address confidential if the voter provides a separate mailing address.
ArizonaA.R.S. § 16-168, § 41-166, § 16-153Political parties are provided with a list. The list is also available for public inspection at local election offices.Full name, party preference, date of registration, residence address, mailing address, zip code, phone number, birth year, occupation, voting history, early voting information.Birth month and day, any part of SSN, DL number, Indian census number, father’s name or mother’s maiden name, state or country of birth, signature, e-mail address.Non-commercial purposes. Only for purposes relating to a political or political party activity, a campaign or election, for revising election district boundaries. A person in possession of information derived from voter registration forms or precinct registers shall not distribute, post or otherwise provide access to any portion of that information through the internet.ACP participants, law enforcement officers.
 ArkansasA.C.A. § 7-5-109Anyone can request a list for a fee.Names, addresses and precinct numbers.Not specified.Not specified.ACP participants.
CaliforniaCal. Elections Code §2184 et seq., §2194, §2166, §2166.5, §2166.7Cal. Government Code § 6254.4Candidates, parties, ballot measure committees, and to any person for election, scholarly, journalistic, or political purposes, or for governmental purposes, as determined by the Secretary of State. All voter information is confidential except for those listed above that may request lists.Name, address, telephone number, political party preference. DL number, SSN, any other unique identifier, signature.Non-commercial purposes.Specifically prohibited uses include: harassment of any voter or voter’s household; advertising, solicitation, sale, or marketing of products or services to any voter or voter’s household; or reproduction in print, broadcast visual or audio, or display on the Internet or any computer terminal, except for the authorized purposes described above. ACP participants; public safety officers; a reproductive health care service provider, employee, volunteer, or patient; a person with a life-threatening circumstance.
ColoradoColo. Rev. Stat. § 1-2-302, § 24-30-2108, § 1-2-227Public Voter Data and Information Requests FAQsAvailable to the public upon request.Full name, address, year of birth, political party, vote history. Personal identifiable information such as SSN, DL number, or full dates of birth; electronic copies of signatures.Not specified.ACP participants; pre-registrants
ConnecticutC.G.S.A. § 9-35, § 9-36, § 9-23h, C.G.S.A. § 54-240gLists are made available for public inspection and copies are available upon request by municipal registrars.Not specified.   Full SSNNot specified.ACP participants
Delaware15 Del. C.§304, §1305, §1303Political parties, candidates, any state agency, county or local government for use in conducting government business may request voter lists for free. Others may request lists for a fee. Registration records are open to inspection by the public.Political parties, candidates and the public may receive voter names, addresses, political party affiliations, voting history, legislative district information, telephone numbers and years of birth. Members of the General Assembly and government agencies may receive full DOB in addition to the information above.SSN, DOB, DL number, and telephone number are not subject to public inspection. Full DOB is only provided to certain voter list requesters.Not specified.ACP participants; any person may petition for a court order to have their address kept confidential upon showing a legitimate need.
District of Columbia3 DCMR § 510DC B 37, Act 337Any person may receive a voter list upon request.Party affiliation, date of registration, ward, precinct, voter history, or any other permissible category. Signatures are available for the public to view but not to copy or trace.Any part of SSN, DOB, email addresses, phone numbers, identify of voter registration agency where voter registered.Not specified.ACP participants. Any person’s address may be kept confidential upon presentation of a copy of a court order to the registrar directing the confidentiality of the qualified elector’s address.
FloridaF.S.A. §97.0585,§741.406Available to the public.Voter data is available to the public, except for what is listed as confidential.SSN, DOB, DL number, voter registration number, declinations to register to vote made at the DMV, information on when and where the person registered. Voter signatures may not be copied as part of an open records request. Information regarding an applicant’s prior felony conviction.Not specified.ACP participants, pre-registrants
GeorgiaGa. Code Ann., § 21-2-225§ 21-2-225.1Available to the public.All information except what is listed as confidential, including year of birth.Month and day of birth, SSN, e-mail addresses, DL numbers, location at which the voter registered.Non-commercial purposes. 
HawaiiHRS § 11-97, §11-14, § 11-14.5Some information is public, and other information is provided only for election or governmental purposes.Full name, address, district/precinct, and voter status are public.All other personal information shall be confidential except for election or government purposes.Only election or governmental purposes.Addresses and phone numbers are kept confidential if a life threatening circumstance exists to: a law enforcement person; the law enforcement person’s family; or persons otherwise determined by the clerk of the county in which the person is registered, or if the disclosure of the residence address or telephone number of a person would result in an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy or expose the person or a member of the person’s family to risk of bodily harm.
IdahoIdaho Code §34-437, §34-437A, §19-5706Any person may request it.Name, address, precinct.Not specified.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
Illinois10 ILCS 5/1A-2510 ILCS 5/4-8State political committees and government entities may receive the statewide voter list, at a cost. List is also available for public view on a computer screen at the State Board of Elections office during normal business hours, but the person viewing the list may not print, duplicate, transmit, or alter the list. Not specified.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
IndianaInd. Code§3-7-26.4-6, §3-7-26.4-8, §3-7-26.3-21, §3-7-26.4-10, §5-26.5-2-5 Political parties, independent candidates, a member of the media for publication in a news broadcast or newspaper, the chief justice of the supreme court and clerks of U.S. district courts for administering the jury management system, the speaker and minority leader of the house of representatives, the president pro tempore and the minority leader of the senate.Information contained within the statewide registration list.DOB, SSN, DL number, gender, phone number, e-mail address, voting history, voter registration ID number, date of registration.Non-commercial purposes. Political activities only.ACP participants
IowaIowa Code§48A.38§48A.39§ 9E.6May be requested by anyone, upon payment of the cost of preparation.Registration data specified by the list purchaser. Whole or partial SSN, voter ID number assigned by the state, DL number.Non-commercial purposes.Specifically, only to request the registrant’s vote at an election, or for another genuine political purpose, or for a bona fide official purpose by an elected official, or for bona fide political research, but shall not be used for any commercial purposes.ACP participants
KansasKan. Stat. Ann.§25-2320,§25-2320a,§25-2309,§75-451Any person may examine (under supervision) the voter registration books and active voter lists or request a written copy.Not specified. SSN, DL number or any part thereof must be removed or rendered unreadable.Non-commercial purposes. Compiling, using, giving, receiving, selling or purchasing the information on or derived from voter registration lists, solely for political campaign or election purposes, shall not constitute a commercial use of voter registration lists.ACP participants, any person requesting address to be concealed from public inspection due to invasion of personal privacy or a threat to the voter’s safety.
KentuckyKen. Rev. Stat. §116.095§117.025§14.304County election officials must permit any citizen to inspect or make copies of any registration record without a fee, and any citizen may request a copy of the registration records (which costs per page). The State Board of Elections must furnish (at a reasonable cost) any and all precinct lists to candidates, political party committees or public question committees.Not specified. SSN is redacted.Non-commercial use. Commercial use includes: use of the voter registration list for profit, the solicitation of donations, or for the sale or advertisement of any good or service; or the transfer of a voter registration list by the requester for a profit to any other person whom the requester knew or should have known intended to use the voter registration list for the uses above. Commercial use does not include: scholarly, journalistic, political (including political fund raising), or governmental purposes; media use or candidate use.ACP participants
LouisianaLSA-R.S. 18:154Voter lists are open records and available for inspection at local election official offices. 25 or more qualified voters may request a copy of the list in writing.Voter registration records, except for the confidential information.SSN, DL number, day and month of birth, mother’s maiden name, e-mail address, SMS number, the fact that a registered voter is entitled to assistance in voting, an individual’s declination to register to vote, information relating to the specific public assistance agency or motor vehicle office through which a particular individual registered to vote.Non-commercial use.ACP participants; pre-registrants; and law enforcement officers if the officer is engaging in hazardous activities to the extent that it is necessary for his name and address to be kept confidential.
Maine21-A M.R.S.A. §196-A5-A M.R.S.A. § 90-B Political parties, organizations engaged in “get out the vote” efforts, current office-holders, governmental or quasi-government entities for authorized activities, a law enforcement officer or agency that makes a written request for bona fide law enforcement purposes.Voter’s name, residence address, mailing address, DOB, enrollment status, electoral districts, voter status, date of registration, date of change of the vote record, voter participation history, voter record number and any special designations (UOCAVA voter, for example).Not specified.May only be used for purposes directly related to policy party activities, “get out the vote” efforts, or other activities directly related to a campaign. ACP participants
MarylandMD Code, Election Law, §3-506COMAR MD Code, Family Law, § 4520, MD Code, State Government, §7-303Registered voters in Maryland.Applicants for the copies of the registration list may specify the information to include among name, address, party affiliation, sex, DOB, voting history.SSN, DL numberNon-commercial use. Any person who knowingly allows a list of registered voters, under the person’s control, to be used for any purpose not related to the electoral process is guilty of a misdemeanor.ACP participants (victims of domestic violence and human trafficking victims), law enforcement personnel, persons being threatened, victim of or witness to felony, others on the grounds that the disclosure of the individual’s address poses a safety threat or is likely to lead to an unwarranted and serious invasion of privacy.
MassachusettsMass. Gen. Laws Ch. 51§47C, §37, §44State party committees, statewide candidate committees, state ballot question committees, the jury commissioner, adjutant general, and any other individual, agency, or entity that the state secretary designates.Names and addresses.Not specified, though names and addresses of registered voters are not public information.Not specified.ACP participants
MichiganM.C.L.A. 168.522168.509ggAny person may request the voter file.Name, address, year of birthDL number, last 4 of SSN, month and day of birth, phone number, information that a person declined to register to vote, the office that received a registered voter’s application, digitized signature.Not specified.N/A
MinnesotaM.S.A. §201.091§ 5B.06A public information list is made available for public inspection. Any registered voter in Minnesota may receive a copy of the voter list.Name, address, year of birth, voting history, phone number, voting district.DOB, SSN, DL number, ID number, Military ID, Passport number.Only for elections, political activities, or law enforcement. ACP participants
MississippiMiss. Admin. Code 1-10-7.2Miss. Code Ann. § 99-47-1Available to any person in accordance with the Public Records Act.Full names, residence address, mailing address, registration date, voter status, last vote date, district, voting history with party code.SSN, DOB, age, DL number, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, fax numbers, voter number assigned by the county, custom fields, last jury date, registration source.Non-commercial uses.ACP participants
MissouriV.A.M.S. 115.157115.158May be requested by any member of the public. All candidates and political committees are entitled to receive the list in even-numbered years. All requestors are subject to fees. Names, DOB, unique voter identification numbers, addresses, townships or wards, precincts, voting history.Not specified.Non-commercial uses.ACP participants; any person working as an undercover officer of a law enforcement agency; persons in witness protection programs.
MontanaMCA 13-2-115, 13-2-122Mont. Admin. R. 44.3.1102Any individual may request a copy of the official precinct registers, a current list of legally registered electors, mailing labels for registered electors, or other available extracts and reports for a fee.Information can be customized for requestor.DL, whole or partial SSN, address information for protected individuals.Non-commercial use.ACP participants, law enforcement officers
NebraskaNeb. Rev. St. §32-330,§32-331,§32-312Any person may request a list of registered voters for a fee. A list of voters is provided to the clerk of the U.S. District Court and to state political parties for free.All information on the voter registration form. Names, residence address, mailing address, address of last registration, phone numbers and e-mail addresses (unless requested to be private), DL number or last four of SSN, date of application for registration, place of birth, DOB, party affiliation.Voters may request that phone numbers and e-mail addresses remain private.Non-commercial uses. Lists shall be used solely for purposes related to elections, political activities, voter registration, law enforcement, or jury selection.ACP participants
NevadaN.R.S. N.R.S. 293.440, 293.558Anyone may request the list for a fee. A copy is provided to political parties upon request without charge.Names, address, DOB, phone number and the serial number on each application. Parties receive information on the last date the record was changed, and additions and revisions to the list.SSN, DL number, e-mail address; address and phone number if requested.Non-commercial uses. Lists may not be used for any purpose that is not related to an election.ACP participants; any registered voter may submit a request to address and phone number withheld from the public.
New HampshireN.H. Rev. Stat. §654:25, §654:31, §654:45N.H. Rev. Stat. T. XII, Ch. 173-BPolitical parties, party committees and candidates may receive copies of voter registration lists. Any person may view the statewide voter registration database at the state records and archives office, but the person may not print, duplicate, transmit, or alter the data.Name, domicile address, mailing address, town or city, voter history, and party affiliation. Any other information on voter registration form (which includes SSN and DL number). The voter database is private and confidential and any of the information contained therein shall not be disclosed pursuant to a subpoena or civil litigation discovery request.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
New JerseyN.J.S.A.19:31-18.1,47:1A-5, 47:4-2Any voter who requests it and pays the fee. Political parties receive the lists for free.Not specified.SSN, DL number are redacted from all public records. Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
New MexicoN.M. Stat. Ann. §1-4-5.5, § 1-4-50Provided upon written request. Individuals who may request the data is not specified.Voter data (selected information derived from the voter file), mailing labels (prepared mailing labels of selected voters arranged in order and containing only the name and address of voter), or special voter list (list of selected voters arranged in order requested).SSN, codes used to identify agencies where voters have registered, a voter’s day and month of birth or voters’ telephone numbers if prohibited by voters.Governmental or election and election campaign purposes only. Unlawful use of lists is a 4th degree felony.ACP participants
New YorkMcKinney’s Election Law §3-103, §5-508, §5-602 et seq.After the close of registration, the board of elections publishes a complete list of names and residence addresses of the registered voters for each election district and makes these available to public inspection and makes copies available to be purchased.Name, residence address and party enrollment.Not specified.Information contained within the statewide voter registration list shall not be used for non-election purposes.ACP participants (victims of domestic violence and members of their family or household)
North CarolinaN.C.G.S.A. § 163A-871Any person upon request and for a fee. Free lists are provided upon request to political parties.Voter name, county voter identification number, residential address, mailing address, sex, race, age but not date of birth, party affiliation, precinct name, precinct identification code, congressional district, senate district, representative district, and, where applicable, county commissioner district, city governing board district, fire district, soil and water conservation district, and any other district information available, and voter history including primary, general, and special districts, or any other reasonable category.Full or partial SSN, DOB, identify of the public agency which the voter registered, e-mail. Cumulative data based on those items of information may be publicly disclosed as long as information about any individual cannot be discerned from the disclosed data.Not specified.ACP participants
North DakotaND Cent. Code §16.1-02-15 §16.1-02-12§14-07.1-18Note: North Dakota does not have voter registration, but maintains a central voter file.A candidate, political party, or a political committee may request information from the central voter file. Name, residential and mailing address, unique identifier generated and assigned to the individual in the central voter file, active or inactive status, district and precinct, voting history.  All information in the central voter file is an exempt record that is not public. Candidates, parties and political committees receive the above information, but do not receive DOB and DL number of voters. Election-related purposes.ACP participants
OhioR.C. § 3503.13, § 3503.15R.C. § 111.44Open to public inspection at all times when the office of the board of elections is open for business.Name, address, precinct number, voting history.Not specified.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
Oklahoma26 Okl. St. Ann. § 7-103.2, § 4-112, § 4-115.2Public information.Name, address, party affiliation.Full or partial SSN, DL number, voter registration application.Not specified.ACP participants, the judiciary, district attorneys, assistant district attorneys, Uniformed Services members, law enforcement personnel, correctional officers, persons who are protected by victim’s protection orders, the spouses and dependents of the members of such classes.
OregonO.R.S. §247.940, §247.945, §247.955Political parties may receive a list for free. Any person may request a list for a fee.Name, party affiliation, residence or mailing address and precinct name/numberNot specified.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
Pennsylvania25 Pa. C.S.A. § 1207,25 Pa. C.S.A. § 1403 et seq.,25 Pa. C.S.A. § 1325,23 Pa. C.S.A. § 6703Subject to public inspection during ordinary business hours. Street lists (names and addresses of all registered electors) shall be distributed to political parties and candidates upon request. Copies are available to any registered elector of the Commonwealth for a fee.Name, address, DOB, voting history, voting district.Digitized or electronic signatures or statewide voter registration number. The agency where a voter registered.Non-commercial purposes. The list may not be used for purposes unrelated to elections, political activities or law enforcement.ACP participants
Rhode Island§ 17-9.1-15§ 17-9.1-6§ 17-9.1-21§ 17-6-5§ 17-28-5Voter registration records are public. Upon request (but not more than once a month) local boards shall furnish candidates and parties with the names and addresses of newly registered voters, and voters who have been removed or placed in the inactive category. Upon request the secretary of state provides political parties and candidates with state lists of registered voters.Name, party affiliation, street address, city or town, congressional district, senatorial district, representative district, ward, and/or precinct and nothing else.Anything that indicates where the voter registered.For political purposes or in the furtherance of candidacy for political office, and no other purpose.ACP participants
South CarolinaS.C. Code § 7-5-410, § 7-5-170, § 7-5-186, § 30-2-50Open to public inspection.Name, sex, race, DOB, residence and mailing address, phone number.SSN. Information that is confidential for other state agencies must also remain confidential in the voter list.Non-commercial purposes.N/A
South DakotaSDCL § 12-4-9, § 12-4-41The county master registration file shall be open to public inspection during office hours.All information from each voter’s registration card (except what is kept confidential below), the date of the last election the voter has voted in, and when the voter’s information was last updated.Full DOB (though birth year may be disclosed), SSN, DL numberOnly for election purposes, may not be used for any commercial purpose, and may not be placed for unrestricted access on the internet. Violations are a Class 1 misdemeanor and may be subject to a fine.N/A
TennesseeT. C. A. § 2-2-138, § 2-2-127Available to any person who certifies that such list will be used for political purposes, for a fee. Records are available for public inspection.Voter registration information, including voting history.SSNOnly for political purposes. Any vendor having access to the voter registration data shall only use such data to service the county election commission and shall be prohibited from using such data for any other purpose. Non-authorized use by the vendor of the data shall constitute a Class B misdemeanor and grounds for decertification by the state election commission.N/A
TexasV.T.C.A., Election Code§18.005 §18.008, §18.009, §13.004,§18.0051 Vernon’s Ann. Texas C.C.P. Art. 56.82Any person may request it.Name, DOB, registration number, residence address (or concise description of the voter’s residence if the voter has no address).SSN, DL number, personal identification card number, indication that an applicant is interested in working as an election judge. The following cannot be posted online: phone number, SSN, DL number, DOB, or residential address of protected persons.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants; victims of family violence, sexual assault or abuse, stalking or trafficking; federal or state judge; the spouse of a peace officer
UtahU.C.A. § 20A-2-104Qualified persons, including government officials/employees, a health care provider, an insurance company, a financial institution, a political party, or any person who agrees to certain confidentiality measures.Information contained on the voter registration form (name, address, phone number if listed, party).DL number, SSN, email address and day of birth. Months and years of birth are restricted to government officials, government employees, political parties, or certain other persons under certain circumstances.Not specified, but those that may obtain month and year of birth of voters may only use the information for a political purpose.Any voter may indicate on the voter registration form or submit a written application requesting that their record be classified as private.
Vermont17 Vt. Stat. §2154, §214115 V.S.A. § 1158Town clerks must make copies of voter lists available to the chair of each political party in the municipality and any other person upon request, at cost.Information contained within the statewide list that is not confidential. Month and day of birth, DL number, telephone number, e-mail address, and the last four digits of SSN.Non-commercial purposes. A copy of the voter checklist may not be disclosed to any foreign government, agency, or person acting on behalf of a foreign government, or a federal entity for the purpose of registration of a voter, publicly disclosing a voter’s information, or comparing a voter’s information to personally identifying information contained in other federal or state databases. ACP participants
VirginiaVA Code Ann. §24.2-406, §24.2-418,§24.2-444Lists may be provided at a reasonable fee to candidates, political party committees, political action committees, and incumbents for political purposes, and members of the public or a nonprofit organization seeking to promote voter participation and registration by means of a communication or mailing without intimidation or pressure exerted on the recipient, for that purpose only. Lists are also available for public inspection at county election offices.Name, address, year of birth, gender and all election districts applicable to each registered voter. Voting history is also available to candidates, parties, etc. for political purposes.Any part of SSN, addresses of protected persons, the declination by an individual to register to vote and related records, the identity of a voter registration agency through which a particular voter is registered, birth day and month.Only for campaign and political purposes and for reporting to constituents.ACP participants, active or retired law-enforcement officers, anyone granted a protective order, anyone who is in fear of personal safety, any active or retired federal or state judge or attorney, a person who has been approved to be a foster parent
WashingtonWest’s RCWA 29A.40.13029A.08.72029A.08.74042.56.230A record of all voters issued a ballot and all voters who returned a ballot are open for public inspection in county offices. Any political party, committee, or person may request a list of all registered voters who have or have not voted for an election. Such requests shall be handled as public records requests.Precinct lists and lists of all registered voters.Identity of office or agency where any particular voter registered, choice not to register to vote. Personal information exempt from open records requests includes SSN and any record used to provide identity, age, residential address required for a DL number.Non-commercial purposes. A violation is a class C felony. Each person furnished data shall take reasonable precautions designed to assure that the data is not used for the commercial purposes. However, the data may be used for any political purpose.ACP participants
West VirginiaW. Va. Code, § 3-2-30W. Va. Code, § 48-28A-101Anyone may request a digital or printed list of registered voters for a fee. A public terminal is also available for any person to examine active, inactive, rejected and canceled voter registration records.Name, residence address, political party affiliation and status of the registrant.Phone number, email address, SSN or DL number.Non-commercial purposes. Information obtained from voter data files may not be used for commercial or charitable solicitations or advertising, sold or reproduced for resale.ACP participants
WisconsinW.S.A. 6.36, 6.47Open to public inspection and electronically accessible by any person.Name, address, district, unique registration ID number, voting history, indication of the method by which the registration form was received, absentee voting information.DOB, DL number, SNN, any information on ACP participants, any indication of a voting accommodation provided.Non-commercial purposes.ACP participants
WyomingWyo. Stat. § 22-2-113Candidates, campaign committees, political party committees, elected officials, political action committees, individuals promoting or opposing a ballot issue or candidate, and organizations that promote voter participation.Name, gender, address, party affiliation.SSN (and portions of SSN), DL number, DOB, phone number, tribal ID number, e-mail address and other personally identifiable information.Political purposes only (non-commercial

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