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Matthew Zifferblatt here, proud owner and founder of Orlando-based supplement company Healthy1Inc.

CASSELBERRY, FL, UNITED STATES, March 8, 2021 / — Childhood Dreams – Professional Wrestlers & Nutrition Legends

As a child, I have always dreamed of being a professional wrestler one day – someone up there with the likes of Hulk Hogan and the other WWE stars I used to watch on TV. As I was growing up and seeing their efforts (massive muscles, healthy lifestyles) both inside and outside of the gym, I learned that proper nutrition was a key part of these athlete’s lives. And the younger version of Matthew Zifferblatt aspired to achieve similar goals.

We see these famous personalities and athletes on TV and social media as they are, but often never question how hard they work to maintain themselves or just how much time it took for them to become what they are. I am sure those professional wrestlers had a fitness coach or personal nutritionist at their side to ensure they were meeting their weekly goals. Surely other influencers took it upon themselves to do their own research and were able to manage their own nutritional needs.

Matthew Zifferblatt – Achieving His Dreams in Adulthood

As my life progressed, those childhood dreams began to turn into reality. I found my calling through wrestling. First, I joined the high school wrestling team, then graduated to become a bronze level coach for USA Wrestling. With this position, I have been able to guide young minds into a sport that could potentially change their life like it had changed mine.

Some things I learned while coaching wrestling were things that made me a strong, yet health-conscious athlete. Namely, it takes a lot of calories to get into shape – but the wrong types of calories could prove detrimental. Proper nutrition is required to get into that kind of shape. Then, it takes proper discipline to stay there. This path is not for everyone – but I knew it was for me.

After concluding that I loved wrestling, and loved working with athletes, I then realized my calling was either in the sport or training the people who play the sport. I mean come on, who can say they coached for USA wrestling? I can and it was awesome, under head coach J.D ROBBINS, his name speaks for itself. As of today, I believe he is training America’s finest young athletes at the Olympic training center in Colorado, how cool is that?

When Did Matthew Zifferblatt Realize Nutrition Was a Career Move?

Starting with my life-long experience of wrestling training, coaching, and maintaining my personal health through better nutrition, I was beginning to see potential in converting my passions to a career. With this the idea of nutrition in mind, coupled with a strong motivational & networking ability – I saw my niche and grabbed it by the horns. What was it, you ask?

Matthew Zifferblatt is proud to be a certified nutrition and fitness coach/trainer who helps others hit their personal nutrition and fitness goals.

“Being an athlete, and great with health and nutrition, I then realized this could be my profession. I could always help others, not only athletes, but the ones in life that struggled like I did when I was overweight. That is another story for another day”, said Matthew Zifferblatt.

Matthew Zifferblatt on Nutrition and Supplements in Today’s World

In today’s hectic world, we need doctors to save people, and firemen to put out fires. But also, we need nutrition and fitness professionals to guide folks when the going gets tough, and we forget that our body is a temple and should be treated as such.

Today, I run a successful nutritional supplement brand called Healthy1Inc that helps people stay in good health and gain knowledge about improving their nutritional intake. Our brand also coaches customers towards a better lifestyle by making the right choices. With right lifestyle, choices, and discipline, we believe anything is possible at Healthy1Inc.

If you’re reading this and are struggling to keep up with your personal health & nutrition, or just want to hit a fitness goal, contact Healthy1Inc below and let’s see what we can do together.

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