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How to get a cheap essay on a business topic

Many young people strive to become business owners and entrepreneurs. And with the growth of e-commerce, that’s understandable. So, most of them enroll in a college and study business, which is also an excellent move.

Studying business in academia allows you to gain the necessary theoretical background and learn the most critical concepts in the business world. Besides, you can gain crucial links that may help you expand your business and make it flourish in the long run.

However, doing a degree in business has its pitfalls too. And one of them is essay writing.

Like any other discipline, business essay writing can be tiresome at times. While you’d wish to skip any writing task that goes against your interests, you can’t do that because it will do you and your final grade no good.

So, what is the alternative then? There are three ways to get a cheap or even free essay on any business topic. Read on to learn more!

Incentivize friends

            If individual writing is off the table, asking friends to do some job for you is an excellent option. Like no one else, your friends will understand the hurdle of being a student. In such moments, even minor help with a single assignment can make one happy and unchained.

            Of course, that doesn’t mean your friends can lend you a helping hand for free. Even if they owe you a favor and you want to call it in, make sure to compensate for their time spent dealing with your homework. That doesn’t need to be something substantial. Gifting them a bar of chocolate, some fruit, or a snack will suffice.

            You can also consider paying your friends directly if you know they are tough on finances. Without a shade of a doubt, you know they’d reject any money, attempting to stone you. Still, it would be best to realize that providing an incentive is a must. Besides, it will cost you way less than turning to any cheap essay writing service.

            You can also offer a barter in exceptional cases, asking your friend(s) to do something for you while you do something for them. It will be a win-win for you if you are knowledgeable in an area they seek help and can handle the matter quickly and easily.

            Suppose it happens that your friend is stubborn as a mule and doesn’t want any inducement. In that case, say you’ll be in their debt. There will be times when they will want you to return the favor. And when they do, make sure to help them.

Do It Yourself

            Handling the task on your own may sound basic and bizarre. You may have your reasons to want to delegate essay writing to others. But what if you could actually deal with the task yourself? If you have to tighten your belt, this option might be your go-to. Following this way, you don’t have to spend anything but your time. So, what do you begin with?

First and foremost, make sure to learn what you are required to do. Every writing assignment defines the writer’s work scope, providing the range of actions an individual must complete (your assignment will typically contain the primary question you need to answer). It usually includes key verbs, knowing which will help you compose a high-quality paper. The task also identifies the paper’s word count, structure, and the number of academic sources the writer can refer to. Once you are aware of your job, it’s time to start working on an essay.


            Every paper has to be meaningful, i.e., contain unique and well-developed ideas. Upon understanding the task, start generating thoughts you’d like your paper to revolve around. Make use of brainstorming methods like mind mapping and listing. They will let you come up with numerous ideas and choose the most relevant ones for your topic.


            Research is pivotal in nearly any essay type. The writer increases their expertise through research and locates authoritative and relevant sources to include in the piece. You can find reliable sources on various web pages. The scope and focus of your searches hinge on your topic and subtopic. Either way, try sticking to trusted resources and web pages like Google Scholar,, Financial Times, etc.


Assuming you are short on time, investing some of it in building an outline will accelerate your writing process significantly. Once you find the necessary sources, lay out a piece of text, summarizing every section (depends on the required structure; presuming your essay requires following a standard format, an outline will wrap up the introduction, body part, and conclusion). When you do that, you are ready to kick off your writing, draft the first version, and delve into improving it.

Turn to writing services

            Turning to writing services is another way to get a cheap essay on your business topic. Academic writing services aren’t a new concept. Such companies have been operating for years, offering students the necessary academic support.

            There has long been a heated debate whether writing companies are hurtful–and illegal–or not. The answer depends on how students employ such services. Overall, writing agencies are legit, providing extra help with various subjects. They also don’t break academic integrity unless students pass such works as their own. 

            The great thing about academic writing companies is that they often provide affordable services and help students keep up with their studies. These agencies have other benefits as well. They are secure, credible, and include competent writers that provide insightful help on diverse subjects. Papers completed by writing agencies serve as comprehensive and inspirational guides on researching, taking a stance, citing sources, and revealing the topic.

If you can spare some bucks to get a model essay from expert writers, make sure to turn to the right guys. Otherwise, your data can get leaked, or you might get a low-quality, pre-written, or even a plagiarized piece. So, ensure to:

  • Analyze the service and its user-friendliness along with navigation
  • Check comments and testimonials from previous customers on various websites
  • Inspect terms and conditions and other legal agreements


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