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How To Make People Actually Want To Work For You

Some employers have struggled to hire the right people recently. “Nobody wants to work anymore!” some of them cry. But is that really the case? The truth is that many people want to find the right job, but they also want to make sure they’re paid enough and that their employer will treat them well.

Offering good pay is one step that can help to attract the right employees, but it’s not the only thing that you should do. If you’re an employer who wants to hire the best people the first time around, you need to make people actually want to work for you. So what should you be doing?

Start with Good Compensation

The best place to start when you want to make sure people want to work with you is with the pay and benefits you’re offering. It’s important to keep in mind that, although they might want to work for you for other reasons, the main reason most people are looking for a job is that they need to earn money to survive. If the pay and benefits on offer don’t meet their needs, they’re often going to look elsewhere. Even if what you’re offering is on par with others in your industry, it’s worth considering whether you’re really attracting the right people to your roles.

Partner Work Office Business

Offer Adequate Work Hours

Another big issue for many employees is the work hours on offer. Both the number of hours they’re offered and when they’re scheduled to work are important. If they don’t have consistent hours, it means they won’t have reliable pay. Poor scheduling makes it difficult to balance work and other commitments too. Employers need to manage employee work scheduling in a way that benefits everyone. This means having the right tools to juggle the needs of the business and the requirements of employees too. Building a template is one of the things you can do if you want to make scheduling easier.

Provide Work-Life Balance

Work isn’t everything to your employees, and it’s not realistic to expect it to be. It’s difficult for most people to create a clear line between their work and personal lives because they can both affect each other. Helping to ensure your employees have a good work-life balance will not only help to attract the right people but will also ensure your employees work harder. There are various things you can do to achieve this, including making sure your employees are able to take time off for illness and vacations. Offering flexible working can also be a great way to allow people to fit work around other commitments.

Offer Opportunities to Advance

Many people won’t want to take a job if it seems like a dead end. For some, it might be acceptable to take a job that won’t really take them anywhere, but others want to know that there are opportunities to progress. Setting out a career path for employees to follow shows them that they could have a future with your organization. While it’s common to hop from job to job these days, many people like the idea of being able to stay with one employer for a long time. But without job progression, they might feel they have no choice but to go elsewhere.

Nurture Skills and Development

Another way people will look for ways to progress is through opportunities to gain new skills and develop their knowledge. Even if there are fewer opportunities to gain promotions or advance to different positions, it’s beneficial if they’re able to develop themselves. Offering training and chances for personal development can make you a more attractive employer. Additionally, it’s worth considering what initial training you can offer to new employees. If you’re struggling to find the right staff, it could be because there is a lack of people with the right skills. You might need to be willing to train new employees to give them the right skills.

Develop Your Hiring Process

Your hiring process can really make a difference if you want people to work for you. Many people can be put off by a poor experience during hiring. They could feel that it takes too long, that the interview process isn’t helpful or that they don’t get a very good impression of your company. One way to think of the hiring process is that it should be as helpful for the candidate as for you. They’re trying to decide whether to work for you as much as you’re trying to decide if they’re a good fit for you.

Be Inclusive

Being a more inclusive employer can have plenty of benefits. If you’re more open-minded about who you employ, you can benefit from a wide range of perspectives from different people. It also makes you a more attractive employer and you can make sure you don’t miss out on some of the best talent. While stating that applications from everyone are welcome on your job descriptions is a good start, you really have to put effort into ensuring that your hiring practices and work culture are truly inclusive. You need to take practical steps to weed out bias and provide the right support.

Ensure Safe Working Conditions

Providing safe working conditions is a must for you as an employer, not just to fulfill your legal responsibility but also to take care of your employees. People want to know that their employers are doing more than the bare minimum to ensure the working environment is safe and hygienic. This is something that people have been more concerned about in the last couple of years. The pandemic has made employees think more about how their employers care for them and what steps they take to protect them. In fact, it’s a question that many people are starting to ask in their interviews so that they can assess whether the employer is right for them.

If you want people to want to work for you, you have to offer an attractive package and good working conditions.

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