Opinion-Hydroxychloroquine: The Great Debate

April 16th 2020

By: Sarah McCormick

Hydroxychloroquine, less commonly known by its brand name Plaquenil, is the most controversial, talked about medication on the market in 2020. President Donald Trump has been known to tout its effectivity in treating the most severe complications and side effects in relation to COVID-19. As far as the mainstream media and most Democratic seat holders are concerned, this drug is everything but an effective treatment or cure. In fact, they are so anti-Hydroxychloroquine that they are willing to allow people to die because of their partisan outlook towards everything Donald Trump stands for or believes in.

Some Americans are facing desperate situations regarding the Coronavirus. They are no doubt willing to try anything that may be capable of sustaining life and providing some sort of relief. Additionally, those left in power to make decisions for loved ones who are gravely ill are also desperate for a quick fix. Americans need something that can provide life-saving measures quickly, effectively, and safely – which President Trump has touted Hydroxychloroquine is doing time and again.

I believe most Americans would say we do not have time to sit back and do nothing while people are dying while waiting for a vaccine to be created, tested, and put on the market. Vaccine development will take far too long – 12-18 months, in fact – and, quite frankly, Americans simply do not have that kind of  time to wait.

Clinical trials of a 3-drug combination have been showing auspicious results. Doctors across New York have been utilizing Hydroxychloroquine in conjunction with Azithromycin – more commonly known as Z-Pak – and zinc sulfate and the results are astonishing: patients who were quite literally on their death bed, utilizing ventilators and gasping for each breath, have shown significant improvement after taking just one dose. Within hours, many individuals are doing substantially better – so much so, in fact, that they no longer need ventilators and are capable of being moved from ICU beds to standard hospital beds.

Don’t shoot the messenger, but it would appear as though Trump is most definitely onto something.

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of Kiryas Joel, a Jewish Village outside of Manhattan, was the first doctor in America to utilize this combination with successful results. This news traveled up the food chain to the President himself, who began looking into the truth of whether this combination of medications truly worked as effectively as it claimed to. Trump instructed the FDA and CDC to work together to remove the guidance surrounding the utilization of the medication so that it would be able to be used for the treatment of COVID-19. Although the FDA has not approved the drug for the treatment of the virus, it would appear its well on its way to becoming as such.

So, the biggest question that surrounds the debate over this medication is this: is Hydroxychloroquine truly a safe bet? Another great question to ask ourselves is this: why would those who oppose the use of this drug for the treatment of COVID-19 be so against it?

Since 1956, Hydroxychloroquine has been used to safely and effectively treat patients with chronic autoimmune disorders, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. It has also been used as an effective treatment for Malaria, as well as a prophylactic treatment for the same. The fact that this is not a fly by night drug that just hit the market is quite reassuring, as plenty of tests, results, and data has been collected to prove the overall safety of this medication. The only instance where Hydroxychloroquine may pose any sort of danger is if and when a patient has underlying heart problems or conditions. In those cases, Hydroxychloroquine is probably not the safest bet. In addition, those who take it long term – as in, for 5+ years or more – can be prone to an eye condition known as retinopathy, and should receive annual eye exams regularly.

A question to pose to oneself during a potential severe COVID-19 infection and with an underlying heart condition is this: if you don’t take it, what might happen? If you do take it, what might happen? At that point, it comes down to trying anything possible to sustain your life. In that case, most of us would opt for trying anything. At least I know I would.

For all of those who are doubtful of the medication’s safety, rest assured: top doctors located within the United States and Worldwide have formed the collective opinion that the use of this combination of 3 drugs is indeed proving itself to be very effective, and for the majority, safe.

According to a statement made by the FDA regarding Hydroxychloroquine:

“It was determined, based on the scientific evidence available, that it is reasonable to believe that the specific drugs may be effective in treating COVID-19, and that, given there are no adequate, approved, or available alternative treatments, the known and potential benefits to treat this serious or life-threatening virus outweigh the known and potential risks.” FDA to Reuters

Based upon the research I’ve done, including countless opinions, and not as a medical professional, that the utilization of Hydroxychloroquine, Z-Pak, and Zinc sulfate is, for the most part, safe and very effective.  From CDC literature, FDA literature, consulting with local medical professionals, and having listened to the President of the United States make claims of the medication cocktail’s safety, I have come to this conclusion as a journalist and informed citizen,

To deprive the American people of its uses due to partisan opinion and for the mere fact that one doesn’t care for President Trump and anything he stands for is not only Anti-American, but it’s also a crime against humanity. The longer the Liberals and Democrats keep playing partisan games and injecting their unasked-for opinions based upon their distaste for Trump, the more people are going to die – and the blood will inevitably be on their hands.

At what point do we put political affiliation aside, and allow the President to do his job – which is to care for our great nation, and the people that reside in it – to the best of his ability?

American citizens have come together like never before to unite against this ‘invisible enemy,’ helping each other in whatever way they know how– even through the current position of social distancing and statewide stay-at-home orders. Isn’t it time that the ones sitting in seats of power, such as Senators, Congress, and the like put their differences aside to allow healing and health to flow by use of a drug that, while it’s not approved, would potentially save the lives of countless Americans?

Time will tell the tale of lives saved due to this possible miracle treatment in a time of such fear and uncertainty. Until then, the fight continues.


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