‘I’m Tired Of This S–t,’ DC Comics Artist Rants About Big Change To Superman, And Publicly Quits The Company

Many on the right were upset when DC Comics recently unveiled the Superman for a new generation as gay.

But what really bothered Gabe Eltaeb was that DC Comics’ old Superman – or the new one’s father, for those scoring at home – ditched something that generations of Americans had fought, bled, and died for – or at least watched Superman for.

Eltaeb, who was an artist for DC Comics, quit the company after it changed Superman’s motto from fighting for “truth, justice, and the American way,” to battling for “truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.”

According to Breitbart News, Eltaeb delivered the news as he appeared on the YouTube channel of Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver.

“I’m finishing out my contract with DC. I’m tired of this s–t, I’m tired of them ruining these characters; they don’t have a right to do this,” he told Van Scriver.

“What really pissed me off was saying truth, justice, and a better world. F–k that it was Truth, Justice, and the American way,” he added. “My Grandpa almost died in World War II; we don’t have a right to destroy s–t that people died for to give us. It’s a bunch of f–king nonsense.”

Eltaeb was not done with his rant, however.

“They call us bigots and racist and s–t, I would ask them, ‘Find me in the f–king mainstream, not on the fringes, one f–king book, one f–king T-shirt, one movie that says that leftism is bad, and conservatism is good, find it for me.’ They f–king won’t. They’re not letting people have a voice. They’re the f–king bigots,” he said.

Afterward, Eltaeb apologized for the outburst, saying it had been “bottled up for five years.”

Van Scriver offered an explanation about why his guest “exploded on my livestream.”

“He had a lot to say, a lot of feelings and a lot of thoughts that he wasn’t able to share because he was working for DC Comics,” Van Sciver said.

“You cannot come out and be a conservative and criticize the company that you work for in this way. You have to be completely supportive of the corporate agenda, whatever it is,” he added.

“You have to keep your negative or critical opinions to yourself, and it’s so liberating to be able to not work for DC comics and be able to say exactly what you think. And I think that’s what Gabe is going through here,” he noted.

Yes, Eltaeb is likely not alone in wanting to explode about what lefties are doing to Superman and a slew of other American icons and institutions.

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