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In Speech Comparison, Trump, Relegated To the shadows, Still Outshines Biden

Republican U.S. Sen. Tim Scott’s speech in defense of America immediately stoked more political fire than the familiar and predictable wokeness of the tired, old man Scott was called to rebut, President Joe Biden.

But it wasn’t just Scott who showed up Biden on Wednesday night.

Former President Donald Trump, according to reports by Breitbart News, also bested the current chief executive with the audience, primarily by not being Biden.

In his 100-day address, Biden, who spent 44 years in Washington as a senator and vice president before returning as president three months ago, offered little that was original, provocative, or appealing to the half of the country that rejected him in November.

Consequently, Breitbart almost gleefully pointed out that Biden woefully trailed the man liberals love to hate.

“Nearly 75 percent fewer Americans watched President Joe Biden’s speech to a joint session of Congress on Wednesday compared to former President Trump’s first address in 2017,” Breitbart noted.

The outlet pointed out that just 11.6 million people watched the speech.

That was almost 37 million fewer than Trump drew in his first major speech in 2017, and Biden’s audience also was about 26 million fewer than Trump attracted with his last speech last year.

Breitbart noted that was based on the mainstream networks’ numbers and did not include cable broadcasters.

Still, the size of Biden’s paltry audience rivaled the Oscars record-low 9.9 million for must-not-see TV on Sunday.

But Trump surpassed Biden elsewhere.

Breitbart cited a CNN poll that found 51 percent of the audience had a “very positive” reaction to Biden’s comments.

In a remarkable understatement, CNN observed that Biden’s applause was “a bit more muted” than that of the first addresses given by his immediate predecessors.

Per CNN, Barack Obama’s first outing registered strong approval from 68 percent of those surveyed. George W. Bush’s 2001 effort trailed closely, at 66 percent.

And Trump? 57 percent, six percentage points higher than Biden.

What made Trump’s outpacing of Biden even more noteworthy is that Biden was preaching to the choir.

CNN added, “The audience of speech-watchers was a friendly one for Biden, as is typical of presidential addresses to Congress. Overall, the pool of people who watched the speech was about 13 points more Democratic than the general public and about 2 points less Republican. That tilt is similar to the partisan makeup of speech audiences for Obama’s final three State of the Union addresses.”

In other words, CNN’s audience was 15 percent more Democratic than the American public at large, and Biden still eked out just 51 percent for a “very positive” grade.

And CNN misled readers about what’s typical for the crowd.

Breitbart pointed out that CNN’s survey for Trump’s first speech was 33 percent Republican, 28 percent Democratic, and 39 percent others.

Additionally, CNN’s latter admission should tell us something about why Obama carried such high approval ratings near the end of his term: the media were feeding the public the reactions of a partisan Democratic audience nodding along to a partisan Democratic president.  

As for Biden, however, they were just nodding off.

The new president is apparently so languid and dull that he can’t generate a buzz in a bee hive.   

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