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Rabbu Releases The First Free Appraisal Tool, ‘Insights,’ To Help Real Estate Investors Reliably Valuate Short-Term Rental Viability

The short-term rental market has seen an incredible surge of demand. Insights is a free tool people can keep in their pocket as they navigate the new distribution of post-pandemic interest”

— Emir Dukic

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, June 15, 2021 / —

Rabbu, an investment platform company that’s helping investors meet the new era of post-COVID real estate, today announced the rollout of their new tool, Insights. The only no-cost, data-driven offering of its kind, Insights is designed for forward-thinking rental investors, rental brokers, and prospective homebuyers who want an accurate and quantitative analysis of their property’s potential as a short-term rental.

Adding to Rabbu’s array of proprietary, tech-based solutions, Insights is a free tool designed for mobile and desktop use. It has a clean and intuitive interface; users simply input an address and select the number of bedrooms at the property. Insights then instantly calculates the monthly revenue potential for that specific property. Importantly, the monthly number is seasonally-adjusted to reflect an average month over the course of a year.

Every investor begins with an address. Now, they can begin with a concrete understanding of what their address could make.

For unparalleled accuracy, Insights studies the daily rate and average occupancy of comparable Airbnb properties in the area. A drop-down menu offers a full view of the nearby listings, complete with a gallery of images, a list of amenities, a view of the calendar and a history of the pricing. All data is updated in real-time, offering investors and property owners an informed and accurate appraisal. In an instant, the tool produces a three-tiered estimate: average, 75th percentile, and 25th percentile. This revenue strata allows investors to adjust their expectations based on considerations such as the quality of their furnishing and other amenities.

“Since the widespread work-from-anywhere adoption, the short-term rental market has seen an incredible surge of demand,” says Emir Dukic, CEO of Rabbu. “Insights is a free tool people can keep in their pocket as they navigate the new distribution of post-pandemic interest.”

Market research confirms Dukic’s sentiments. According to a recent report by CNBC, the demand for this new COVID-era asset class is far outweighing the supply. Airbnb’s CEO, Brian Chesky, predicted that “millions more hosts” would be needed to satisfy the horizonal demand for short term rentals.

Travelers are resuming domestic travel. Families and professionals, newly free from office constraints, are spending time closer to family and exploring new areas with lower costs of living. Non-urban markets in particular—drive-to rural areas with city-like amenities but with decreased traffic—are seeing an incredible influx of demand for short-term rentals. Rural markets with limited air travel have become the best option for rental investors. This presents a unique opportunity, since purchase prices in those areas, yet to adjust, remain low. Higher-than-average returns can be realized quickly, and without much market saturation, there’s almost no end in sight.

“The rate of change is staggering,” says Dukic. “And in a changing market, data is everything.”

Insights makes it easy for new-to-market investors to capitalize on new market opportunity as the market continues to fluctuate. The tool is designed to point any investor, established or otherwise, toward the best strategy for their any asset—a single-family home or a multi-family property. In fact, some of the best opportunities for yield in recent months have come from small, multi-family buildings with 40 doors or less.

“We hope it brings a new level of transparency to the market,” Dukic says. “We want to help investors minimize their guesswork and make sure their rental is performing at its full potential.”

In future versions of the tool, the team plans to offer strategic recommendations to their users; investors can receive guidance regarding the viability of a short-term or long-term strategy for a given property. The tool will offer a spreadsheet style interface to analyze the deal, and highlight other properties for sale in the same area for easy comparison.

Insights represents the kind of transparency the market is moving towards. The data is available for anyone who’s looking for it, and it will only get better with time.

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Rabbu is a turnkey platform for Real Estate investors looking to buy properties as short-term rentals. With proprietary technology, Rabbu automates all aspects of a property’s lifecycle as a short-term rental—from procurement to marketing to operations to guest health and safety. Rabbu helps property investors and managers maximize yield.

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