In Virginia, Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Demonstrates He’s A Bitter-Clinger On ‘Stolen’ Election Claim

As contemporary liberals see it, two things should get you excluded from participating in society: not being vaccinated against COVID-19 and believing claims that the last presidential election was “stolen.”

Yet, as far as the latter goes, liberals, at least in Virginia, are about to vote for a candidate who believes a presidential election was stolen – two decades ago.

After facing fire for not fully distancing himself from former President Donald Trump’s assertions about 2020, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin is attacking Democrat, and former governor, Terry McAuliffe for what he said about the 2000 election.

And surprisingly, the media, at least locally, has noticed.

Back in July, McAuliffe was ripping Youngkin for supporting Trump’s “Big Lie” on this matter. At one point, he tweeted about Youngkin attending an “election integrity” rally, “Stop embarrassing Virginia and stop promoting Trump’s dangerous lies.”

Yet during an interview last Thursday, McAuliffe was asked about a 2004 comment, when, as Democratic Party chairman, he said in reference to George W. Bush’s victory, “We actually won the last presidential election, folks. They stole the last presidential election.”

Debate moderators asked McAuliffe how what he said then differs from what Trump and some of his supporters say now.

His answer was that Bush’s victory went to the U.S. Supreme Court, which didn’t happen with Trump.

On Thursday, McAuliffe still failed to say Bush was legitimately elected 21 years ago.

When asked that question directly, he responded, “He got sworn in. Once you’re sworn in, we gotta move on.”

National Review columnist Dan McLaughlin explained why McAuliffe’s dodge about the Supreme Court weighing in for Bush torpedoes his own position on that election.

For one thing, Democrats in 2000 fought Bush’s effort to go to the Supreme Court, and maintained the high court should never have been involved.

Moreover, when McAuliffe noted that Trump lost all of his court challenges, McLaughlin pointed out so did Al Gore in 2000.

Gore, McLaughlin wrote, “lost the original vote, lost the machine and manual recounts, lost in the trial and appeals courts, lost in the Supreme Court, and lost when a newspaper consortium actually counted the votes under Gore’s own requested standard.”

“Al Gore dragged out the legal process as far as he possibly could with a losing hand, and left McAuliffe and other Democrats to keep the attacks on the legitimacy of Bush’s presidency alive ever since,” he added.

Finally, McLaughlin wrote that McAuliffe’s argument that he was party chairman at the time essentially means that it was his job to “to say all sorts of malarkey he doesn’t really believe.”

“If McAuliffe had been chairman of the Republican Party between November 2020 and January 2021, would he have claimed that the 2020 election was stolen? He effectively admitted that he would have,” McLaughlin observed.

But come Election Day in Virginia, the idea that it’s wrong to challenge the integrity of American elections won’t matter to Democrats who support McAuliffe. Only winning will.

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  1. You have to read between the line in what McAuliffe is planting, which is what all D.C. swamp is trying to put in every ones head because they know all the proof of ballet fraud is being exposed and, that “it doesn’t matter now because Biden was sworn in and, the democrats are in control of the CONGRESS so that’s that. That’s like telling some one If you find your stolen car you can’t get it back because the thief has possession nor can you punish them because their above the law and, your to except it. “Maybe” when you buy another car, they will take that one to because you let them get away with it the last time, THINK ABOUT THIS !

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