Interested in Tech Startup? Secret Recipe for Success – Adopt or waste millions of dollars

About 90% of tech start-ups fail to achieve their goals. A great idea can bring a positive change in the entire world if it’s done right

An idea without strong execution team of experts will end up wasting your time & money”

— Ahmad J. Butt, CEO Napollo Group

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES , November 14, 2020 / — Learning from others’ experience is the smartest thing you can do for yourself! Entrepreneurs like to take risks but those should be backed by research & experience. It is wise to learn from other’s experiences rather than throwing away your millions of dollars just to achieve that aimless “billion-dollar” idea in the tech industry.

About 90% of tech start-ups fail to achieve their goals. Our team have met thousands of entrepreneurs around the world in United States, Europe, UAE and South East Asia to name a few regions. All had great ideas, but they were unable to achieve what they were looking for and eventually failed due to lack of expertise and knowledge in the tech industry.

A great idea can bring a positive change in the entire world if it’s done right. Confidence is good but let’s face it, you need a team of experts in every domain to materialize your idea.

Onboard Business & Strategy Experts

1- The first step is to onboard strategic management experts that will understand your idea and evaluate its market value after which they will formalize projections based on available facts & statistical analysis
2- Don’t be surprised if they challenge your idea(s), this helps open new perspectives that you may have overlooked. These business & strategy experts evaluate your idea and make tweaks based on scientific facts, patterns and trends
3- You must understand that pursuing perfection in early stages of start-up will negatively impact your time & resources. The best strategy is to build small and then scale up. This will save your business from high cost & years development

Get the Right Technology Team for the Job

You need a diverse skill set to execute your plan for tech start-up!
– Business Analyst understands your business idea, jots down the scope and interprets it for Technical Project Manager
– Technical Project Manager formalizes the team that should have the key skills listed below:
– Technology Architecture Engineer designs and executes solutions with a team of software engineers
– Dev Ops Engineer manages your servers like AWS, Azure etc.
– Software Developers do the actual coding for your product in the technology defined by the technology architecture engineer
– Quality Assurance Engineers ensures that the software engineers have coded the software as per the use-cases or requirements given by the Business Analyst and shares the report with Project Manager for bugs, missed items or any other process gaps
– User Acceptance Testing Team ensures the finished product is ready to hit the market and can be used by the end-users

Find your Digital Marketing Partner

It’s all about the presentation and how the world perceives your product. This is where your marketing team shines. Digital Marketing and Sales team is crucial for your tech-startup whether you are building your B2B or B2C solution. This is often overlooked because the focus stays on the technology & development by the Core IT teams and at times the product owner would want to keep the secrecy of idea.

There is a lot more that goes into Digital Marketing and Sales and it should start way before your product is completed.

  • Branding & Digital Strategy Development
    – Content Writing
    – Website Development
    – Search Engine Optimization
    – Social Media Pages Design and development
    – Social Media Management

Hire Experienced Implementation Team

Let us get this straight, we as human beings are reluctant to change. Once your product is ready to hit the market, the most important aspect of your tech start-up is change management for your product. No matter how good your product is, if you are unable to delivery on change management, your product would likely to be shelved. To avoid this, you would need change management experts that will help you prepare for:

  • Why this change is needed?
    – What is the change and how will it benefit?
    – What’s in it for me & why should I change?
    – What is my role in making this change successful?

Implementation is more challenging than building a product – there is an entire change management process that needs to be followed. We have seen brilliant products fail just because they were given hard time by internal staff or users due to lack of motivation to embrace change. Sometimes it’s bureaucracy and often it is just lack of willingness to change. The best way to go about it would be:
– A top-down approach in case of B2B
– Demonstrating usability along with its value in case of B2C

Strong Maintenance & Support Team

Even after a successful implementation, it can go all downhill if you are unable to deliver on day-to-day operational needs and challenges of the end-user or organization. We’re working in a dynamic environment and without adapting to new changes, the competition can take you over!

Having a strong maintenance & support team is your competitive advantage. You would need operational managers, support teams and channels established to deal with customer inquiries and get feedback to improve the product on regular basis.

Key Take Away;

Getting your hands on a secret recipe to become a successful tech start-up is one thing but finding the right partner & business expert who can deliver on the key milestones, understand your idea and deliver excellence for you is the key. It would be wise to not throw away your precious time and resources to build a technology stack with someone who only knows technology or does not have the required experience. The success lies in developing a long-term relationship with a cross functional team of experts!

Our team of experts at Napollo Software Design have worked with thousands of tech projects.
Most recent success stories include Hola Amor Inc (Fashion Brand), Ci3 (A custom ERP Solution), JHM Group Digital Transformation, & XCAR Rental to name a few last month only.

Feel free to contact to get free consultation and get the most out of your hard-earned money!


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