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‘It’s Not Sanitary’ Jailed Sex Predator Files Complaint Against Pinellas County Sheriff

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. – A Pinellas County inmate, and sexual predator, has filed a personal health and hygiene complaint against Pinellas County Sheriff Robert Gualtieri, who oversees the Pinellas County Jail system.

Mark Steven Burrow, 68, from St. Petersburg, has filed a civil action against Sheriff Robert Gualtieri regarding what he believes are unsanitary food trays. He indicates that pieces of food trays are “flaking off in the food,” declaring that “no cost should be spared to cure this flaw.”

Burrow attached a photo of a piece of plastic apparently broken off a food tray he received.

Burrow is awaiting trial after an arrest in March for a molestation charge. Previously, he was convicted in January 2003 for two lewd and lascivious acts against children under 16 – one for “molestation” and the other for “exhibition.” All his charges and previous convictions originated in Collier County.

Deputy Sibley in the Public Information Office of the Pinellas County Sheriff was asked about the accusations of “cruel and unusual punishment” and how that was defined for the jail system. He stated he could not comment on pending litigation.

We will note that on the same day this complaint was filed, a second inmate in Pinellas County, and sexual offender, Robert Eugene Greathouse, 62, from St. Petersburg, filed a lawsuit against the State for health and hygiene concerns.

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