Jacob Blake Shooting and the Arresting of Kyle Rittenhouse – LEO Round Table

September 2, 2020

by: LEO Round Table, Chip DeBlock

KENOSHA, Wi.- We discuss sports teams including the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) Bucks, Los Angeles (California) Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, Cincinnati (Ohio) Reds, Seattle (Washington) Mariners, and San Diego (California) Padres, all postponing games in retaliation against the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

We also discuss and check out a new view of the Jacob Blake shooting and the arresting of Kyle Rittenhouse, after he shot and killed 2 protesters and Seattle police officers being trapped in their car with rebar concrete, by aggressive and violent rioters.

Visit- https://leoroundtable.com/author/chip/ for more videos and topics.

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