Jon Parrish Discusses How Home Restoration Can Benefit a City’s Economy

Jon Parrish explained that restoring historic buildings can boost economies in American cities

Jon Parrish recently discussed how home restoration can benefit a city's economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to crave simplicity”

— Jon Parrish

NAPLES,, FL, USA, December 23, 2021 / — Historic buildings can revitalize cities. Jon Parrish, owner of Coastal Maintenance and Restoration, recently explained that restoring historic buildings can boost economies in American cities. 

"Historic buildings make neighborhoods more desirable and preserve the culture of the city," Parrish said. "Restoring them is essential to thriving tourism, higher home values, and more."

Jon Parrish explained that restoring historic buildings often means repurposing them as well. It involves turning previously unused properties into useful parts of the local economy, whether they serve as homes or businesses. 

Parrish stated that additional benefits of restoration include updating energy systems and other aspects of home functionality that make historic homes more sustainable. Energy renovation is a major sector of the restoration industry, as it can make historic buildings more energy efficient. This can save the owners money and improve a business' profits. 

"The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to crave simplicity," Jon Parrish said. "History reminds us of the simplicity of the past, so it's no surprise that people are currently more drawn to history than new, unknown architectural features."

Parrish explained that historic cities are seeing a major boost in tourism, and that home restorations are helping them thrive. Such renovations also save individuals, investors, and entire communities large amounts of money, as they value the reuse of buildings rather than creating new, extremely costly structures. This is a tactic that is financially and environmentally sustainable, and it's also something that people enjoy.

"When you head to a city, you often find that the historic neighborhoods are the most popular among tourists," Parrish said. "You don't see them marveling at new apartment complexes. You see them admiring architecture from a hundred years ago. Home restoration draws these people into cities and brings everyone joy."

Historic buildings hold value in different ways. Many times, these buildings were built with materials that are no longer used, such as rare hardwoods. These woods can be from old-growth forests that don't exist anymore. Therefore, these buildings are essentially priceless. History can't be brought back once it is destroyed.

"Historic homes and buildings are major selling points for entire cities," Jon Parrish concluded. "They add character, culture, and value. Restoration ensures these buildings remain visually appealing while helping them become more environmentally sustainable. Historic building restoration is a win-win for the city and the entire community."

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