President Joe Biden called on U.S. corporations to stand by hiring practices that advantage applicants from certain racial groups over others in remarks delivered Thursday in response to the Supreme Court striking down race-based college admissions.

Jonathan Turley Says Biden May Make Crucial Mistake In His Son’s Indictment That Could Ruin His 2024 Chances

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said on Thursday that President Joe Biden could be a “one-term president” if he pardons Hunter Biden.
President Joe Biden (File Photo) By Harold Hutchison, DCNF.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said on Thursday that President Joe Biden could be a “one-term president” if he pardons Hunter Biden.

Hunter Biden was indicted by a federal grand jury in Delaware on charges of illegally possessing a firearm while addicted to drugs and for making false statements. Turley said that should Joe Biden choose to pardon his son, it could carry a significant cost for the president’s re-election.

“If the president was not intending to run for re-election, he could pardon his son and admit that this was an abuse of the power, and say his penalty will to be a one-term president,” Turley told Fox News host John Roberts. “The pardon power has been abused historically by presidents to assist friends and family members. That included Bill Clinton, who pardoned his half brother. So there’s nothing inviolate about the presidential pardon power. It has often been honored in the breach by presidents in the use to benefit themself personally or politically.”

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“I think that what you’ve seen with people like Clinton is they waited until they were literally leaving office to use that power for personal purposes, and I would not expect that the president could pardon his son and stand for re-election,” Turley later added.

Hunter Biden pled not guilty in July to all charges after United States District Judge Maryellen Noreika rejected both the initial plea deal and a more limited revision over two misdemeanor tax charges.

Turley also noted that there could still be other charges stemming from Hunter Biden’s business dealings. Devon Archer, another former business partner of Hunter Biden, told the House Oversight Committee on July 31 that then-Vice President Joe Biden spoke with his son “more than 20 times about their business deals,” according to Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia.

“There are still torpedoes in the water for Hunter Biden. The most obvious is an FARA violation, and you know, that’s being an unregistered foreign agent,” Turley said. “Many of us have been mystified at how the Department of Justice has been rationalize not bringing charges against Hunter, when they brought the charge rather liberally against Trump associates like Paul Manafort, there are also tax issues here that could be potentially litigated, although the statute of limitations was allowed to run on the most serious counts.”

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