Know Before You Go: How to stay safe with mask mandates lifted

The risks COVID-19 poses continue to evolve, businesses have to balance the scales by looking ahead for the best options that allow flexibility for employees

FLORIDA, BRADENTON, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2022 / — As authorities ease COVID-induced restrictions and lift mask mandates, the public must take even more health precautions to keep themselves and communities safe, especially amid concerns about an expected uptick in infections due to the Omicron subvariant, BA.2. In this phase of new variants, trust must permeate our relationships with our coworkers, neighbors, and families not just to know whether they have contracted COVID-19 but be personally accountable to share if they have tested positive.

As the risks COVID-19 poses continue to evolve, businesses have to balance the scales by looking ahead and deciding on the best options that allow flexibility for employees while ensuring a safe working environment that facilitates keeping the operation going. However, it must be noted that as variants continue to run rampant, they also have disruptive impacts. For example, actions taken by companies, Netflix and Meta, to delay their hybrid flexible plans are examples of the types of disruptions a business can face and have to navigate.

It is every business’s desire to emerge from the pandemic stronger, but after two years of struggle and the learning of many lessons, challenges will continue to arise. After being away from the workplace for such an extended period, employees have a myriad of concerns and emotions about returning, things like health risks, work-life balance, and commuting, to name a few. Businesses must decide how they will bring people back to work: do we call everyone back to the office, adopt a hybrid model, or provide more fully remote opportunities? Once in the office, they must decide what guidelines they will follow. In the long term, work arenas with higher physical proximity scores are also likely to be more unsettled and pose a higher risk of spreading the virus.

These work arenas include schools, medical care, personal care, on-site customer service, and leisure and travel. Based on evolving conditions, employers’ reopening plans must address all potential risks in reopening the doors without a fallback plan.

Seeking to promote safety and security, openness, trust, and responsibility, TestFRWD Americas, a leading technology company that provides a simple test anywhere certification and result verification system for rapid Antigen and Antibody and PCR testing, launches its “Know B4 You Go” campaign. Its message, “Know Before You Go,” encourages community members to use technology to know their COVID-19 status before going into crowded spaces to protect themselves and others.

“Testing yourself before you leave home protects you and others. This is how we stop the spread of the virus.,”
said Madeline Long, CEO of TestFRWD Americas and Chairwoman of MEACO Konnect LLC

The campaign aims to dismantle the concerns around self-testing by educating the public about the threats of COVID-19, how to prepare for new variants, and making testing more routine and accessible to prevent shutdowns and ease of travel as the U.S. vaccination program efforts are beginning to slow down.

“Know before you go, know who you impact, know what your actions are when you go. We are proud to be the first to implement Know B4 You Go in the events, concerts, and entertainment industry. Working with you guys with the KBYG campaign will help mitigate the risk of spreading the virus.”
said Corey Jones, CEO Tix Social.

Vaccination and self-testing kits remain the best tools available to prevent hospitalization and death. There are also barriers to self-testing, including a weak grasp of how to use at-home test kits and how to get them validated by employers.

Most at-home test kits rarely come with easily accessible validation options; however, TestFRWD Americas delivers its testing kits alongside a mobile app that validates the user’s identity and certifies the accuracy of the test results. This revolutionary COVID -19 testing solution is available for purchase from TestFRWD Americas by any business. It was designed to equip businesses and consumers with a proven validation tool to prevent further frustration in the workplace and the community.

Learn more about KBYG and TestFRWD Americas and how they are making your
self-test certifiable and integrated with the digital. Know B4 You Go

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