Lawyer Turned Seven-Figure Blogger Supports Entrepreneurs in Legally Protecting their Businesses

Amira Irfan

Amira Irfan has already helped over 50,000 entrepreneurs to protect their investments without the high cost of a lawyer.

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2022 / — Amira Irfan has done what may seem impossible to most: she left her full-time job as a lawyer during the pandemic to become a full-time blogger, helping tens of thousands of entrepreneurs to protect their businesses without having to pay for expensive legal fees.

Business lawyer, blogger, coach, and CEO of A Self Guru, Amira is on a mission to make legal services easily accessible and affordable for entrepreneurs. Offering legal templates and instantly downloadable bundles, she helps her clients protect their online businesses legally, without the usual hefty legal fees associated with such services. Amira explains that she made the decision to become a lawyer after watching her father’s business get sued for $90,000 for a legal mistake that could have been avoided.

“After seeing what my own father went through, I made it my mission in life to prevent other new business owners from suffering the same fate,” says Amira. “Not only can I save people a lot of money in legal fees, I can also give them the peace of mind in knowing that their businesses are perfectly legal in every aspect.”

Amira has accumulated a community of over 50,000 email subscribers, 7000+ Facebook community members, and 30,000 combined social media followers. Not surprisingly, she receives consistently 5-star reviews from satisfied customers:

“This service was incredibly helpful, quick and convenient. There is no way anyone who isn't a lawyer could even think of all the documents we need as business owners. I feel reassured that I can trust what I've received and learned along the way. It's definitely given me peace of mind!” says one reviewer.

“I’m starting a new blog and have been reading many articles about blogging. Almost all of those articles recommended Amira’s legal bundle … I believe this is a MUST have for any serious bloggers,” says another.

The products available through A Self Guru have been created to suit bloggers, freelancers, coaches, marketers, or indeed anyone with a website. For more information, please visit Amira’s website.

About Amira Irfan

Amira Irfan began working as a model to help support her parents as she was growing up. After discovering her passion for helping others, Amira became a teacher at her local high school and community college to satisfy her desire to make a difference in the world. Never one to stop learning and doing, Amira made the decision to become a lawyer – a move that would help her to make a greater impact on the community and world around her.

Today, Amira is a wildly successful full-time blogger and coach, a.k.a. A Self Guru, supporting entrepreneurs to protect their hard-earned businesses through legal advice and coaching – without the high cost associated with hiring a lawyer.

Amira Irfan
A Self Guru


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