New College Of Florida

Left-Wing New England College Offers Academic Lifeline To ‘New College’ Students In Florida

New College Of Florida
New College Of Florida (File Photo)

A left-wing college in New England is offering to become a sanctuary campus for anti-DeSantis students in Florida.

The education website, Higher Ed Dive, recently reported that Hampshire College in Massachusetts is offering disgruntled students at New College in Sarasota an opportunity to transfer with guaranteed enrollment and matching tuition. The offer applies to New College students in good standing.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis recently moved to purge the wokeness from the smallest member of Florida’s State University System.

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He named a new slate of trustees, including journalist Christopher Rufo, who specializes in reporting on the advance and effects of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs in education, government and corporate America.

The DeSantis-backed board immediately dumped the president at the 700-student liberal arts college — which means its focus is on the non-STEM subjects under the humanities, arts, and social sciences — and hired Richard Corcoran as the successor. Corcoran served as state education commissioner during DeSantis’ first term.

Last week, Hampshire College Amherst, Massachusetts, offered an escape plan to students at New College whose world was rocked by what the governor refers to as shift toward “education not indoctrination.”

“This opportunity is in response to the continuing attacks on New College of Florida intended to limit intellectual exploration, turn back progress toward inclusion, and curtail open discussion of race, injustice, and histories of oppression,” Hampshire College said in a press release.

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“By committing to impose a narrowly politicized curriculum on New College, the newly appointed trustees broke promises made to its current students to support a self-directed, rigorous education grounded in a commitment to free inquiry.”

The irony, of course, is that adherence to woke DEI dogma on college campuses does nothing to promote a “commitment to free inquiry,” and instead allows the left to impose a “narrowly politicized curriculum,” where conservative students and professors fear airing their political views.

“Hampshire College is proud to stand with students who crave a progressive education. Hampshire will provide a welcoming environment for all who want the freedom to study and act on the urgent challenges of our time, without ideological limits imposed by the state,” the college added in its statement.

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“What is happening at New College of Florida is merely the most radical example of increasingly aggressive efforts to suppress meaningful examination of the realities of our society and curb the advancement of democratic ideals, aspirations that should be the mission of higher education. Increasingly, public institutions are a target for those trying to censor discussions of racism, white supremacy, gender identity, structural barriers to equity, and the reproduction of oppressive hierarchies. This doesn’t serve the students, it doesn’t serve democracy, and it certainly doesn’t serve the world those students seek to improve.”

In response to Hampshire College’s sales pitch, Corcoran told Higher Ed Dive: “Who is Hampshire College?”

“I am disappointed by their attempt to get free publicity and insert themselves into a narrative of progress and success in liberal arts education here in Florida,” he added.

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