Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Liberal Media Author Another Anti-DeSantis Hit Piece, Burying The Facts In The Process

The liberal media have just handed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis another reason for him not to talk to them.
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Source: Screengrab From Presser)

The liberal media have just handed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis another reason for him not to talk to them.

As highlighted at Twitchy.com on Friday, the left-wing websites The Guardian, The Recount, and numerous network affiliates in Florida’s major markets carried a story about the career-ending risk facing the Leon County schools superintendent.

The Florida Department of Education seems ready to strip Superintendent Rocky Hanna of his teaching license. If that happens, the Associated Press reported, DeSantis could remove Hanna, who is elected, from office.

According to the liberal media, Hanna landed on DeSantis’ hit list for criticizing the GOP governor’s education policy.

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WFLA in Tampa, for example, tweeted on Friday: “School superintendent who criticized DeSantis could lose job.”

Numerous other outlets offered a similar headline.

The headline was not the whole story, far from it.

The AP reported that the Education Department is “accusing the educator of violating several statutes and DeSantis directives and allowing his ‘personal political views’ to guide his leadership.”

The AP added that state Education Commissioner Manny Diaz Jr. informed Hanna earlier this month that an investigation into his actions “found probable cause that he violated a 2021 DeSantis directive barring districts from mandating that students wear COVID-19 masks.”

“Hanna required students to wear masks after a Leon [County] third grader died of the disease early that school year. The fight went on for several months until Leon and several other districts had their legal challenge rejected by the courts.”

Commissioner Diaz also cited a memo that Hanna issued before the start of this school year, telling teachers, “You, do You!

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That message gave classroom teachers “approval to ignore new laws enacted by DeSantis and the Legislature,” the AP reported. As the AP noted, Hanna green-lighted teachers to defy the Parental Rights in Education Act, which prohibits school districts and classroom teachers from implementing lesson plans for grades K-3 that are rooted in gender ideology or sexual orientation.

In other words, Hanna opted to not follow state law or state policies and is now at risk of being fired.

As the conservative Twitter user PoliMath noted on social media, “This story says, in no uncertain terms, that this superintendent is under fire for forcing students to wear masks in violation of state law. He sued & the court told him to follow the damn law.”

“The ‘I’m losing my job b/c I criticized DeSantis’ is actually a defense. It’s the superintendent’s preferred excuse b/c saying ‘I’m losing my job bc I broke the law’ doesn’t elicit as much sympathy.”

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