President Joe Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” needs to get busy.

Liberals Saw Something Else Happening In Senate’s Rejection Of Abortion Bill

President Joe Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” needs to get busy. Those on his side are laying on the disinfo and misinfo thick and heavy.

The defeat of the Democrats’ pro-abortion bill offers an example.

The bill collapsed by a 51-49 vote Wednesday. West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin sided with all 50 Republicans to reject the bill, which would have legalized abortion nationally and gone beyond even limits set by Roe v. Wade by not placing any limits on abortion no matter the gestation stage.

In response, left-wing Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren said the “minority” should be allowed to stop the majority.

“I believe in democracy, and I don’t believe the minority should have the ability to block things that the majority wants to do. That’s not in the Constitution,” she told reporters after the vote, adding “It’s time to get rid of the filibuster.”

Sure – except for two things. First, 49 out of 100 votes is not a majority. Secondly, the Republicans did no such thing.

The bill lost without a filibuster attempt by the GOP. In fact, Republicans gave Democrats what they claimed they wanted: an up-or-down, roll call vote that put all senators on the record.

Still, that did not stop the Associated Press.

In a tweet after the vote, AP reporter Zeke Miller claimed, “Senate Democrats’ bill to write Roe v. Wade into law blocked by GOP-led filibuster as Supreme Court weighs abortion case.”

As one Twitter user noted in reply, “This tweet aggressively targeting the low info community.”

Where is Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board when you really need it – to stop liberals from spreading lies.

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3 Replies to “Liberals Saw Something Else Happening In Senate’s Rejection Of Abortion Bill”

  1. So to translate for Lizzy what she advocates is totalitarian control no matter what congress or we the people people want. And yes that is unconstitutional Unfortunately poor Liz and the MSMDNC are either too dense or too blind to be aware of this and they are prepared to go 100% Fascist Communist.

  2. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic, Warren, not a democracy. The dystopian left continues to spew this
    untruth. Brain fuel for the low IQ.

  3. Warren commits the logical fallacy of arguing from numbers. Majorities also supported segregation and slavery. Her mother did not abort her. And abortion kills a human life including women like Warren. Don’t trans people have a right to be born? Ok, Warren do your best to obliterate your supporters with abortion. Then, a human life amendment can be added to the constitution from pro-life “majorities.”

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