Local Roof Cleaning Company Urges Homeowners to Invest in the Longevity of Their Home

Roof cleaning for a home in Tampa, FL

Roof cleaning for a home in Tampa, FL

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tampa Bay is a very humid region for most of the year. Therefore, moss and algae can accumulate on roofs in the local area. Moss is a green, plant-like organism that shoots roots into the roof of homes and starts to grow over time. As the moss grows, it causes shingles to detach and break off the roof. This can eventually lead to leaky roofs, wood rot, and other roof problems. A common solution? Residential roof cleaning in Tampa, FL

Another problem with roofs is Gloeocapsa magma, more commonly known as black algae. Most may think that this massive stain on the roof is just dirt. It is actually a living organism slowly growing and feeding on the granules found on asphalt shingles. As it feeds, it destroys the granules, which are essential for protecting the roof from UV light and extreme temperatures.

These and other organisms that form on roofs in Tampa can wreak havoc on roofs. They can cause hundreds of dollars in repair and even cause a homeowner to get a premature roof replacement. Roof replacement could run thousands of dollars.

To minimize the need for roof repair or replacement, Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning is urging homeowners to be aware that they should clean their roofs at least once a year. While some DIYers attempt to clean their roofs, they suggest a professional roof washing in Tampa. The high pitches of roofs can make them very dangerous. This, coupled with the wet soapy conditions, could cause injuries. A professional knows how to remain safe while treating moss and algae problems. Also, many homeowners make the mistake of using high-powered pressure wash systems to clean their roofs which could cause severe damage to shingles.

“ProClean specializes in softwash solutions that are proven to be much more effective and safer on your home,” says Nate Knebl, owner of ProClean Homes, who provides roof cleaning services in Tampa. Their methodology is much safer than traditional power washing, which operates at a much higher PSI. Softwash pressure wash uses 500 PSI, while traditional washers could run between 1,400 to 4,000 PSI. The sheer force of power washers could knock shingles off the roof. On the other hand, softwash pressure wash is much gentler, no stronger than a high-powered garden hose.

“Using our own softwash solution, we can safely wash any exterior surface, eliminating organic growth, dirt, and debris, without causing damage,” says Nate. Their solution can also help combat the buildup of moss and black algae common on roofs in Tampa Bay.

When homeowners have dirt, grime, and organic growth on their roofs, they can count on a cleaning company like ProClean Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning to help keep their roofs clean to minimize roofing problems. Regular roof inspections and roof cleaning services can go a long way to maintaining roofs in top shape and extending the life of existing roofs.

Besides moss and algae, a pro roof cleaning company can also keep gutters cleaned. This is another essential aspect of keeping the home’s roof in good condition. Sticks, leaves, and other debris can build up in gutters and block water flow. As a result, these blockages can keep water from properly channeling away from the roof and away from the house. As a result, the roof can sustain water damage around the fascia.

Blocked gutters can also encourage water to build up and overflow from various points of the gutter. Instead of water channeling through the gutters and flowing away from the foundation, blocked gutters spill water around the base of the foundation leading to expensive foundation problems. With so much at stake on the roof of homes and businesses in the area, ProClean Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning encourages homeowners to have a professional cleaning company look at their roofs this year. Many offer free inspections and provide helpful feedback on their roofs.

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For many years, ProClean Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning has provided viable cleaning solutions for residents and commercial customers in the local area. Not only do they clean roofs, but they also clean other parts of the property, including sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, siding, brick, and more. Keeping the dirt and organisms away can protect various parts of the home, keeping it looking great and improving its longevity. To learn more about their 5-star pressure washing company, call (813) 295-7443 or visit their easy-to-navigate site by clicking ProClean Tampa Bay Roof Cleaning.

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