Reef Shark (Unsplash)

Man Bitten By Shark He Caught While Fishing In Florida, Airlifted In Critical Condition

Reef Shark (Unsplash)
Reef Shark (Unsplash)

A man was injured by a shark bite Friday while fishing near West Rock in Fernandina Beach, Nassau County.

The incident happened near WestRock in Fernandina Beach on a fishing boat, according to Action News Jax.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office said a man in his 40s was bitten by a shark that he caught, tossed the shark back in the water, and was airlifted in critical condition to a local hospital.

Florida’s Gulf Coast has been on high alert after two separate shark attacks left three people injured within a four-mile radius this month.

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The first incident occurred near WaterSound Beach in Walton County. A 45-year-old woman was critically injured after a shark bit her in the midsection, pelvis, and left arm. First responders airlifted her to a trauma center, where she underwent surgery, including the amputation of part of her left arm.

Approximately an hour later, a second attack unfolded near Panama City Beach. Two teenage girls were bitten by a shark about four miles away from the first incident. Thankfully, their injuries were non-life-threatening, and they received treatment at a local hospital.

Authorities believe a 14-foot hammerhead shark may have been responsible for both attacks, with a specimen found off the coast of Santa Rosa Beach. While shark bites are uncommon in Florida, these incidents remind swimmers to be aware of their surroundings.

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Florida typically leads the nation in unprovoked shark bites due to its extensive coastline and abundance of marine life.

However, fatalities are rare. Officials advise beachgoers to stay in shallow waters, avoid swimming alone, and refrain from erratic movements in the water.

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