Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper holding a photo of Kang and the hammer used.

Man Flies From New Jersey To Florida To Beat Online Gaming Competitor With A Hammer

Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper holding a photo of Kang and the hammer used.
Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper holding a photo of Kang and the hammer used.

A 20-year-old gamer from New Jersey, Edward Kang, has been charged with attempted second-degree murder after allegedly flying across the country to brutally assault his online rival with a hammer.

This bizarre and unsettling case has left many in the gaming community and beyond wondering what could have driven Kang to such extreme and violent measures.

The roots of this incident can be traced back to an ongoing dispute between Kang and the victim within the popular multiplayer game ArcheAge.

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According to the authorities, the two had been engaged in an increasingly heated conflict while playing the game online. Tensions had been steadily rising, with Kang apparently growing more and more enraged at his opponent.

Kang’s actions suggest a level of premeditation that is truly chilling. Authorities report that the young man flew from Newark, New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida in the middle of the night, specifically to confront his rival.

Upon arriving, he checked into a hotel and then proceeded to purchase a hammer and flashlight from a local hardware store. Kang then made his way to the victim’s home in Fernandina Beach, Florida, where he allegedly broke in and attacked the unsuspecting gamer with the hammer.

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 Kang, dressed in all-black clothing and wearing a mask and gloves, is said to have crept into the victim’s home through an unlocked front door. Once inside, he violently attacked the gamer, leading to a struggle that ended up on the ground.

The victim’s stepfather, awakened by the commotion and his stepson’s cries for help, found the two men locked in combat and immediately called the police.

The assault resulted in the victim sustaining head wounds, though thankfully they were not life-threatening. Both Kang and the victim were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. Kang was subsequently taken into custody by the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office and charged with attempted second-degree murder, as well as armed burglary.

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During his interaction with the authorities, Kang made several concerning statements that shed light on his mindset. He allegedly told a deputy that the victim was “a bad person online,” suggesting that he felt justified in his actions.

Furthermore, Kang inquired about the potential jail time he might face for the break-in and assault, indicating a concerning lack of remorse or understanding of the gravity of his crimes.

Despite the severity of the charges against him, Kang has reportedly been uncooperative with the ongoing investigation. He remains in custody at the Nassau County Jail.

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