March Madness also might be how to describe President Joe Biden each time he stepped in front of a microphone during a visit to Europe in the closing days of last month.

March Madness: As Biden Stumbles And Bumbles, Sen. Rubio Sees Ominous Signs For America

We just finished March Madness, college basketball’s annual national championship tournament.

March Madness also might be how to describe President Joe Biden each time he stepped in front of a microphone during a visit to Europe in the closing days of last month.

To recap, in the space of a few days, as he discussed the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Biden said the U.S. would respond “in kind” if Russian dictator Vladimir Putin used chemical weapons on his neighbors to the west.

Biden also told 82nd Airborne Division troops deployed to Poland what they would see “when you’re there” in Ukraine, suggesting American forces were planning a military operation. That was a double-dipper because Biden also suggested that U.S troops were training Ukrainians, something his staff denied.

Biden then uttered nine words that shocked the world, going off-script to say about Putin, “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power!” – which was interpreted as a thinly veiled call for regime change in Russia.

Then, at a press conference, after Peter Doocy of Fox News asked about the effect of Biden’s words, the president claimed: “none of the three occurred.”

Which was yet another gaffe.

But then Biden gaffed again. After his aides “clarified” his comments, Biden then announced “I’m not walking anything back,” in reference to his comment for Putin to be ousted.

The error train has rolled on into April. Biden flubbed comments about energy policy, by saying Americans could save “$500 a month” by going green. Then over the weekend, as he dedicated a new nuclear submarine, Biden praised first lady Jill Biden for an “initiative she started with Michelle Obama when she was vice president and now carries on.”

While it’s tempting to snicker at Biden’s repeated malaprops and miscues, one Republican lawmaker sees ominous signs.

In an interview this week with Sean Hannity, Florida GOP Sen. Marco Rubio noted that America’s enemies “watch the same things” we do.

Hannity asked Rubio what Putin might be capable of as the war drags on. Rubio responded that there are “all kinds of dangerous things” Putin may do if he thinks he’s going to lose and is running out of options.

But Putin is only part of the issue, he added. 

“There’s two things happening right now. Americans are losing confidence in Joe Biden and his ability to manage the job and to get results and changes for our country. But it’s not like foreign leaders and foreign adversaries don’t watch the same video. They watch the same things. And that’s the part that concerns me the most with all of these gaffes,” Rubio said.

“It’s not just the impact that it’s having here domestically on Americans. Americans understand our system is a lot more than just about Joe Biden, although his administration is doing a lot of damage. But our allies start to lose confidence in our country, and our adversaries start to wonder whether they can get away with certain things. That’s the part that really concerns me when it comes to Putin.”

Added Rubio, “I think he invaded because he didn’t think Biden would do anything about it. And I think he’s willing to do other things now, potentially, because of the same.”

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