mary rose duff cold case

Cold Case: Mary ‘Rose’ Duff Found Lying in a Ditch

by: HCSO Unfinished Business

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, Fla. – On March 18, 1999, a family riding bicycles through a Ruskin, Florida neighborhood discovered something shocking: the body of a white female lying in a ditch. Her clothing was gone. Her body was bruised, and the cause of death was ruled strangulation. We take a look back at the murder of Mary “Rose” Duff in hope that you can help us solve this “Unfinished Business.”

Mary “Rose” Duff

Mary Duff’s son, Brandon, said, “I was 13 when my mom passed away, and I just always remember her being a very positive person. Always smiling and laughing, and you know, just very positive.”

“I wanted to create a different avenue to reach people to hopefully bring closure to the victims’ families and friends,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister. “My wish is that someone will come forward after listening to an episode with information that will lead us to answers. Some of these cases have been unsolved for decades. I’d like to encourage anyone who may have been too scared to come forward years ago to do so now.” 

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