Masi Snow Max ergonomic snow pusher shovel made in Finland, no lifting, now shipping in USA

Masi snow Max ergonomics snow shovel pusher made in Finland

Masi snow Max ergonomics snow shovel pusher made in Finland

Masi snow max ergonomic design no lifting easy on the back

Masi snow Max ergonomics snow shovel pusher made in Finland

use snow pusher as a sled have some fun, year round use

Shipping in US market Masi Snow Max snow pusher shovel ergonomically appropriate with Finnish snow removal technology.

This Masi snow snow max shovel made with Finnish design and used in Scandinavia. No lifting and very fast snow removal.”

— Don Ryan

PT CHARLOTTE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2022 / — The Masi Snow Max ergonomic snow pusher shovel made in Finland is now available in the US market. The pioneer of lighter snow work.

When packed in a cardboard box, delivery of the product to the customer is easy. The box-packed cola is also easy to take from the store and can easily fit in any vehicle. The handle is adjustable to two different heights, so it is easy for the user to adjust the length of the handle to suit himself. The diameter of the upper part of the handle is 22 mm. Delivery package weight is 14 pounds.

As one customer stated, "This is the best shovel on the planet!! I get over 220" of snow per year at my house! I may not even fix my snowblower! I love love love the Masi Snow Max shovel."

The Masi Snow Max Ergonomic Snow Pusher Shovel is a virtually indestructible, commercial-grade tool for handling large amounts of snow. The ultra-rugged blade is made in Germany of revolutionary HDPE material to deliver exceptional durability and impact resistance. Plus, the Masi Snow Plow Pusher's blade and scoop is non-abrasive, making it safe on wood decks, steps, sidewalks and patios. Value! 2021 best Ergonomic Snow Pusher Shovel made in Finland for superior quality. The Masi Snow Max Snow Pusher has been designed for heavy use. The scoop is made in Finland and is made using air Mould method and the handle is og .22-mm steel pipe having internal reinforcement. : No lifting -no Back Strain- Priceless. Handle with stepless adjustment – suitable for both tall and short users. Top part of the handle is ergonomically formed sturdy Finnish design. Generous size – scoop width and volume designed for Nordic conditions. The scoop is made of easy-sliding and durable HDPE material. Packed in a compact carton for easy transport, a Finnish product with an international patent. No back strain and easier on the heart since there is no lifting. MASI's unbeaten qualities are based on innovations in both the design and structure of the pusher and shaft. The hollow-core pusher, manufactured using the air-mould injection method, is sturdier and more rigid than traditional structures. The design features additional strength characteristics, which have been added precisely where strain is the greatest. MASI Snow Max is made of HD polyethene and its surface is highly stick-resistant. This means that not even wet snow clings to the pusher. Over 1 million sold worldwide. The Masi Snow Max Snow pusher shovels are designed for heavy use due to the state-of-the art hollow-core structure making the snow pusher very durable, solid , and light. All metal parts are bright galvanized against corrosion. Fantastic ergonomics for a smooth sliding surface. Available on Amazon,, and

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