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‘Masks? What masks?’ Biden and Crew Take ’Em Off on U.S. Federal Property, Despite his Own Order to Wear Masks

On his first day, President Joe Biden followed through on one of his major campaign promises: issuing an executive order requiring masks on federal property and encouraging mask-wearing everywhere.

The order Biden signed on Wednesday stated, “Put simply, masks and other public health measures reduce the spread of the disease, particularly when communities make widespread use of such measures, and thus save lives.” Therefore, federal workers, contractors, and “other individuals” on federal property “should all wear masks, maintain physical distance, and adhere to other public health measures, as provided in CDC guidelines.”

Apparently, however, that only applies to the peasants and proles.

As Breitbart News pointed out on Thursday, “Biden and members of his family appeared at the Lincoln Memorial Wednesday evening without masks, despite the president signing a mask mandate for federal property earlier in the afternoon.”

Give Me A Break Man

“On Thursday, Biden also spoke and signed executive orders at the White House without wearing a mask,” Breitbart reported.

“Biden entered the State Dining room with a mask but removed it as he spoke for several minutes. He even coughed into his hand during the speech. After the speech, Biden moved to a small table where he signed several executive orders to combat the coronavirus, but he did not wear his mask as he spoke to the press.”

At a different moment on Thursday, Breitbart noted, “Dr. Anthony Fauci returned to the White House press briefing Thursday without wearing a mask, despite President Joe Biden signing an executive order requiring that masks be worn on federal property.”

“Fauci wore a mask up to the podium, but removed it after he began speaking,” the report continued. “White House press secretary Jen Psaki also removed her mask after replacing Fauci at the podium.”

When a reporter asked her about Biden breaking his own order, Psaki responded “He was surrounded by his family, we take a number of precautions but I think we have bigger issues to worry about at this moment in time.”

Bigger issues? Than a virus that’s killed 400,000 Americans?

Wasn’t it Biden who told us repeatedly, and remained hunkered down in his basement to illustrate it, that the virus was the biggest crisis in modern memory

Breitbart added that Fox News reporter Peter Doocy raised the issue of a blatant double standard with Pssaki, “but it appeared that she did not have a prepared answer.”

“I think he was celebrating in the evening of a historic day in our country and certainly he signed the mask mandate because it’s a way to send a message to the American public about the importance of wearing masks,” Psaki responded.

“The power of his example is also the message he sends by signing 25 executive orders including almost half of them related to COVID,” she added.

During Wednesday’s inauguration, Biden and many of his closest friends, including former President Barack Obama, wore masks, but still hugged and fist-bumped in violation of CDC recommendations.

Biden did wear a mask in the Oval Office while signing several orders on Wednesday, including the one mandating masks on federal property.


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One Reply to “‘Masks? What masks?’ Biden and Crew Take ’Em Off on U.S. Federal Property, Despite his Own Order to Wear Masks”

  1. You people are pathetic and desperate. Biden and everyone around him are tested regularly and it seems like they would wear them when in close quarters with non family members. Do you wear a mask at home or around your family? And that is also more than you can say about trump who held rallies with thousands of maskless idiots screaming in each other’s faces and spreading the virus on a mass scale.

    The bigger issue Fauci was talking about was the people dying from the pandemic, like come on how could you take him saying that any other way?

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