David DePape Attacked Paul Pelosi Mentally Ill Ex-Girlfriend

Media Screws Up Details Of Paul Pelosi Attack, Yet GOP Blamed For “Misinformation Loop”

The liberal website Gizmodo recently offered a list of seven “theories” about the assault of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband that proved to be wrong.

The liberal website Gizmodo recently offered a list of seven “theories” about the assault of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband that proved to be wrong.

At the end, Gizmodo concluded that its analysis will not “change the minds of people on the far-right who believe the attack on Paul Pelosi was some conspiracy to provoke outrage and sympathy for the Democrats.”

“But it’s still important to tell the truth and correct the record, if only for history’s sake. If you repeat a lie enough times, it becomes conventional wisdom.”

Yet Gizmodo did not explain what leads people to do to that, even though the answer was in its piece.

For example, among the conspiracy theories that Gizmodo allegedly debunked was that there were three people in the Pelosi home when Paul Pelosi was attacked. Another was that there were two hammers. A third was that the attacker was in his underwear.

Yet where did that info come from? The answers: Politico, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott (who discussed the alleged hammers at a press conference), and the local outlet KTVU.

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Then on Friday, NBC News reported that when cops arrived, Paul Pelosi walked “toward the assailant and away from police.” A story that was subsequently retracted.

In other words, the media gave the public a story with absolutely wrong or misleading details, and yet The New York Times on Saturday published a piece with a headline declaring: “How Republicans Fed a Misinformation Loop About the Pelosi Attack.”

“Within hours of the brutal attack last week on Paul Pelosi,” the Times began, “Republican officials and media figures began circulating groundless claims.”

Among the Republicans who allegedly fed the “misinformation loop” were Sen.Ted Cruz, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, former President Donald Trump, and FOX News’ host Tucker Carlson.

The refusal of the media to still hold itself accountable, especially after Trump was right about so much “fake news,” is astounding.

As the conservative website Twitchy noted, “Republican misinformation loop. That’s what they’re going with.”

“Journalists told us Paul Pelosi’s attacker was wearing only underwear. Journalists told us there were two hammers. Journalists told us there were three people in the home. Journalists told us Pelosi did not indicate an emergency when police arrived and then walked back towards the attacker. Journalists are aghast that people would believe journalists. Frankly, they have a point. The news media is less than reliable these days.”

“We think a much more constructive article would have been ‘How Journalists Fed a Misinformation Loop About the Pelosi Attack.’ Nope, the New York Times has to make this about Republicans because their team is faltering fast in the upcoming midterms,” Twitchy added.

Twitchy also included some choice observations about this asinine narrative.

Among them was political analyst Jim Treacher, who tweeted that Republicans are not “the ones who keep reporting facts about this story and then going, ‘Wait, never mind.’ That’s on you idiots.” 

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