President Joe Biden (File)

Medical Expert Calls Out Media For Describing Biden’s ‘Memory Lapses’ As ‘Gaffes’

President Joe Biden (File)
President Joe Biden (File)

Dr. Marc Siegel criticized the media on Monday for inaccurately describing President Joe Biden’s “lapses” as “gaffes.”

Corporate media’s years-long endeavor to suppress questions about Biden’s mental fitness faced a substantial setback after the president’s recent debate with former President Donald Trump. 

Siegel on “Fox & Friends” particularly noted the media’s description of Biden’s demonstration of “cognitive impairment” as mere “gaffes” was harmful to the president.

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“We started pointing this out four years ago. I mean, the media is pointing it out now. With all due respect to George Stephanopoulos. I was talking about this with Sean Hannity four years ago,” Siegel said. “Because that’s when it looked like we were starting to see signs of what’s called mild cognitive impairment. To the public now it looks like it’s progressed more. We don’t know. I’m not his doctor. I haven’t examined him.”

“But there’s issues clearly with spatial orientation, with severe memory lapses,” he continued. “And another thing that the media did, which didn’t do him any favors, is call these gaffes. It’s not a gaffe if you have an error that’s related to something going on with your thinking, judgment, attention. These are really important things and the patient is always the last to know.”

Biden’s interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos, which aired Friday, appeared to be an effort to reassure voters that he is capable of being president. Biden asserted his debate performance was just a “bad night” and that he is not in cognitive decline.

“Do you dispute that there have been more lapses, especially in the last several months?” the ABC host asked.

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“I’m still in good shape,” Biden said.

The president also claimed he is not becoming increasingly “frail” and seemed to express an unwillingness to take a cognitive test or withdraw from the race during the interview.

Biden has faced high-profile calls to step aside since the CNN debate on June 27, during which he froze and had multiple verbal missteps.

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