Augustina Villarreal (OCSO)

Michigan Woman Sentenced For Ordering Dog Attack During Argument

Augustina Villarreal (OCSO)
Augustina Villarreal (OCSO)

A Michigan woman, 37-year-old Augustina Villarreal, was sentenced on Wednesday to serve jail time and probation after pleading no contest to charges stemming from a domestic dispute in May.

According to Ottawa County Sheriff’s deputies, Villarreal was involved in a heated argument with a man on Memorial Day weekend.

The argument escalated, and Villarreal allegedly ordered her dog to attack the man.

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The dog bit the victim numerous times on the arms before he managed to escape through a window and seek help from a neighbor.

Neighbors called emergency services, and the man was treated for his injuries at a local hospital. Villarreal was arrested on charges of domestic assault and felonious assault with a dangerous weapon.

Following a court appearance in June, Villarreal pled no contest, and on Wednesday, she received her sentence. She will serve 75 days in the Ottawa County Jail followed by 12 months of probation.

She was also ordered to pay court fees.

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