Minneapolis Police Department Under Investigation

June 3, 2020

By: Deborah Childress

According to Associated Press, more action is taking place related to Mr. Floyd’s death.  Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, alongside the state’s Department of Human Rights, filed a complaint against the Minneapolis Police Department on June 1, which initiates an investigation into the alleged murder of Mr. Floyd.  In 2007, a lawsuit by five black police officers was filed against the Minneapolis Police Department with accusations of racism, discrimination and other inequities.  The city paid $740,000 to settle the lawsuit.  In 2017, one of those black officers, Medaria Arradondo, became the city’s first black police chief.

Mr. Floyd died of asphyxiation due to Police Officer Derek Chauvin’s aggressive use of force, according to two medical examinations.  Chauvin is assumed to be under suicide watch, according to TMZ, but it is not established that Chauvin has been evaluated as suicidal.


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