A spokesman for the Republican National Committee (RNC) said the party could cut into one of the most reliable Democratic voting blocs during a Wednesday Fox News appearance.

Mission Accomplished: Media Narrative of Trump Supporters Engenders Fear and Loathing of Them Among Democrats

Recently The Free Press noted a study that revealed that liberals seem to inhabit an alternative universe regarding police, racism, and violence against black Americans.

In short, the research showed that many on the left believe that police kill 1,000 or more unarmed black people a year, when the real number is below 20.

Now, comes another poll detailing how much further unhinged liberals have become.

The polling firm Echelon Insights surveyed Republicans and Democrats about their primary concerns in today’s America.

The curious thing about both sides is that they appear to have something in common.

Consider it the Trump Effect.

GOP voters were asked to rank 12 issues along a spectrum: “extremely/very concerned,” “somewhat concerned,” and “not very/not at all concerned.” Unsure was the fourth choice but did not get more than 6 percent on any issue.

For Republicans, illegal immigration topped the chart, with 81 percent saying they were “extremely” concerned.

The next seven answers, which ranged between 79 percent and 70 percent, were in descending order: lack of support for police; high taxes; liberal bias in the media; general moral decline; socialism; Antifa violence; and China.

Very Trumpian responses indeed.

On the other hand, the dozen-item list for Democrats shook out as follows:

First and foremost, Donald Trump’s supporters, of whom 82 percent of Democrats are “extremely” concerned.

The next five replies, which earned between 79 percent and 73 percent on the extreme-concern scale, were in descending order: white nationalism; systemic racism; gun violence; Americans’ lack of health coverage; and domestic terrorism. Police brutality was named by 68 percent.

Also very Trumpian – but in a CNN, MSNBC kind of way.

By the way, another 10 percent of Democrats were “somewhat” concerned about Trump’s followers, another 11 percent felt that way about white nationalism and 14 percent agreed with that on “systemic racism.”

In other words, 90 percent or more of Democrats surveyed by Echelon have wholly bought into the media’s years-long but short-on-evidence mantra, which has accelerated since the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol, of the alleged white supremacist beliefs of Trump and his backers.     

As conservative media figure Ben Shapiro noted on Twitter on Thursday:

“Republicans’ top concerns: policy. Democrats’ top concerns: Republicans, rooted in slanderous notions about Republicans.”

On his own podcast, Shapiro said, “The media narrative is extremely strong with these folks.”

“You cannot have a country when half the country believes that the other half of the country is inherently evil … the people themselves are the worry,” he said of the Democrats’ leading poll responses.

“That’s not just insanity, it’s dangerous. Because once you start to see the people who vote differently from you like the actual problem, I don’t know how you see those people as friends and neighbors anymore.”

“Of all the priorities, the one that unifies them most is hatred for Donald Trump supporters and fear of Donald Trump supporters is insanity,” Shapiro said, “but it is promulgated by a media that is firmly fixed on trying to get rid of people that they disagree with.”

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