“Ms. Day” Blazes Into Music Industry With Four Simultaneous Chart Positions and Debuting In Both TV And Radio

Ms. Day’s hot new single, “I’m Me” has garnered spots on four music charts simultaneously.

Ms. Day is both a respected artist and media personality

Ms. Day is making huge strides in the music, television, and radio industires as an artist as well as a media personality.

Ms. Day can hold her own alongside any other artist in the industry.

Ms. Day displays the uncanny ability to integrate the Hip-Hop/Urban musical stylings of various artists to create a unique style and flair that will stand toe-to-toe with any other artist in today’s music industry.

Ms. Day is making huge waves in R&B, Hip-Hop, and Inspirational music! Her unprecedented rise in the industry is causing people to take notice across all genres

In the simplest of terms, Ms. Day can be described as “Fiery…Ms. Day is the real one!””

— Sharaya J

MIAMI, FL, USA, October 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dayquana McNair, a/k/a “Ms. Day,” displays the uncanny ability to integrate the Hip-Hop/Urban musical stylings of Eve, Cardi B, Doja Cat, and others to create a unique style and flair that will stand toe-to-toe with any other artist in today’s music industry. Click on WALK! right now to experience one of Ms. Day’s high-energy videos!

Her new hit single, “I’m Me,” packs a mean punch that never let’s you forget that Ms. Day is a lady of distinction, the epitome of youth and vigor, and a woman of God who’s not ashamed to bring the profession of her faith to the forefront. In fact, “I’m Me” has made such a huge splash that the song is bringing Ms. Day to the forefront of the industry at breakneck speed, claiming four hit music chart positions simultaneously on Digital Radio Tracker (DRT) and BDSradio charts. The song appears at #174 on the DRT Global Top 200 Airplay Chart, which tracks all music across all genres that is globally considered mainstream music. As a gospel artist, Ms. Day’s music is tracking right alongside the Cardi B’s, the BTS’s, the Ed Sheeran’s, and the Taylor Swift’s of the industry.

“I’m Me” has earned a spot on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Chart, which features independent artists across all music genres that have not been signed to a major music label. Ms. Day holds the #57 spot and is gaining momentum.

Ms. Day’s “I’m Me” has also garnered a spot on the DRT Global Top 50 Gospel/Inspirational Airplay Chart, where she holds a highly coveted position of #20. To say that her impact on the industry is “impressive” would be highly understated.

“I’m Me” is also holding steady on the BDS Gospel Hip Hop charts at #18. At the rate Ms. Day is going, she will be a household name before the end of the year. And these achievements only cover her music chart successes! There is so much more that she is taking on in an ever-growing global sight-and-sound media industry.

Many industry trendsetters have taken notice of Ms. Day’s work, the likes of which include influencers in both television and radio. “I’m Me” is slated to be played on season 7 episode 4 of the hit VH1 show 'Black Ink Crew Chicago.' Ms. Day co-hosts the show 'New Music Sunday Review,' a syndicated radio show that can be heard on WBP, Dash, and Indie One Radio. Recently, Ms. Day has teamed up with Ms. Debra on BE-100 to host a live Gospel radio show every Sunday. Her hard work and determination is showing much fruit in a short time.

When asked about her musical influences, Ms. Day cheerfully responded, “I will be the first to tell you that I still love the sound of Cardi B's, Eve's, and Doja Cat's music to this day, just like millions of other folks. But…there are few in Inspirational music with that same type of style or flow musically. For that reason, I will be unapologetically me. Sonically speaking, you may hear some of the elements from the aforementioned artists in my own music.” Given the chance, she would love to collaborate with several of these artists in future musical projects.

Daniel Musgrove, CEO of Musgrove Music Distribution, commented, “I am totally blown away by this artist’s ingenious and intuitive approach to the genre. Ms. Day has already made a huge splash on the global stage in a very short time, and Musgrove Music Distribution expects a great many wonderful musical achievements from this amazing artist, whose fast-rising success is proving to be no less than meteoric.”

Ms. Day’s humble beginnings traces back about six years as she was a member of an all-female singing group. In Ms. Day’s words, “As quick as we were put together, we fell apart.” It was only two years ago when she was approached with the possibility of rapping. The premise of entering the Hip-Hop arena intrigued Ms. Day, so she sought God in prayer for guidance.

“I asked God, ‘If it’s meant to be, please drop some bars in me,” recalls Ms. Day. “Well, guess what He did? [laughing with joy] He did just that!” In the simplest of terms, Ms. Day can be described as “Fiery…Ms. Day is the real one!”

Ms. Day is debuting an amazing new song which will be included in a compilation recording entitled 'Quality Street Worship,' which is being released through 'Live Mix Tapes.' Her song “New Wave” will be number nine on the project, which is slated for release on October 15, 2021.

For bookings and more info on Ms. Day and her upcoming projects and events, click MS DAY now to visit her website.

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