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“My Product Today” Shepherding New Products into Online Sales Channels


ST. PETERSBURG, FL, USA, July 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — My Product Today, a worldwide leader in turning ideas in products, today
announced its vision for 2021 and beyond, as the global marketplace emerges from the COVID-19
pandemic. The team of investors and seasoned entrepreneurs at My Product Today realizes that in 2020-
21 the way consumers make purchases has changed: most goods are now researched and purchased
online. My Product Today is embracing this transition and guiding business owners plus aspiring
inventors towards success by coaching them through the process and setting up their online sales and
distribution channels.

“We’ve worked on about a dozen deals in 2021 and see the latter half of the year as a prime moment for
young brands or product ideas to grow because of the upward momentum in this space”, says Ricardo
Valderrama, CEO at My Product Today.

“It’s all about selecting the right product in the right category at the right time. Your product has to be
unique, but within a popular sector. This is where we come in, at My Product Today, to help inventors,
entrepreneurs, and brands take it from ideation to creation and success.”

My Product Today is able to assist with:
• Strategy — Intellectual Property Assessment, Market Assessment, Budgetary Requirements,
Risk Mitigation
• Ideation — Conceptualization, Brainstorming, Sketching, Questioning
• Engineering — Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, Electronic Designs, Design For Manufacturing
• Prototyping — 3D Printing – SLA, SLS and FDM, 3D Rendering and Animations, Product Testing,
Crowdfunding Platform Testing
• Branding — Logo Design, Brand Development, Online Presence, Package Design
• Manufacturing — Vetted Global Manufacturing Infrastructure, Professional Supply Chain Experts,
Quality Assurance, Supply Chain Logistics
• Launch — E-Commerce Setup and Management, Affiliate Sales Channels, Retail Sales, Amazon
Management and Optimization
No one can make the journey from ideation to launch on their own. That’s where My Product Today steps
forward — with a team tailored for success — from top to bottom, start to finish. My Product Today is
always in search of innovative product ideas from all over the world and only selects products that
consumers are going to want. When a product is selected, it goes through design, development,
prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and distribution – all the way to the premier retail or online sales
channels. My Product Today’s expertise is built on the experience and relationships developed by the
executive team. Deep relationships with influential figures in the business community keep My Product
Today at the forefront of the product development startup world. My Product Today takes pride in serving
as investors, mentors, and most importantly, as advisors. The development of a new product is too

important to leave to chance, which is why it’s wise to partner with professionals, who understand the
journey and how to see it through.
Clients are given hands-on treatment with individualized attention and planning throughout the entire
process of product creation, development, and launch.
“[My Product Today] … has been upfront with me about what to expect and has delivered on every single
bullet so far. It’s hard to know who to partner up with on something brand new like my product, but in the
end, it came down to trust,” says Edward Phillips, a My Product Today client.
“My Product Today’s team never once made impossible promises or just shrugged off any of my
concerns. Couldn’t feel more confident with my choice of company to help me go from idea to product.”
My Product Today operates akin to the hit ABC TV show Shark Tank, in many ways, just without the
cameras and television studio. A team of seasoned investors, entrepreneurs, and product developers vet
product ideas — only selecting the best of the best — which exhibit the highest level of creativity and
potential. The team then partners with the creator to bring the idea to life, helping the lives of those who
purchase the product and spawning a sense of accomplishment and real profit for the product creator.
The My Product Today team has worked extensively with numerous products, brands, and inventors

• The Hose Hooker (as seen on HSN TV and Steve Harvey’s Funderdome)
• Joy razors and Glee shaving mousse
• Knob Sentry security systems
• V-Liner Shower Curtains
• Aire Pad laptop coolers
• Blevins Golf
• The Mark Lauren BodyWeight Trainer
• Ultimate Cup (FPOA)
• Flow Glows nighttime swimming goggles
• Boogie Wipes (sold in Target stores nationwide)
• StressBalls Gummies

My Product Today can help aspiring product creators and business owners of all sizes by leveraging
economies of scale, first-class engineering support, and access to supply-chain professionals.
The My Product Today leadership team is available for select in-person phone or Zoom-based media
interviews worldwide. Ricardo Valderamma, CEO, can provide more detail on the organization’s
philosophy regarding the rapid growth and expansion of ecommerce sales channels as a consequence of
the global pandemic, and how he believes product creators can leverage that momentum. He’s recently
spoken at events including the Tampa Bay TechStars Startup week.
About My Product Today: The Florida-based business helps inventors, business owners, and product
creators to successfully and confidently design, engineer, manufacture, and launch consumer products
across a variety of spaces and niches. With decades of experience, My Product Today is a trusted name in
bringing products to market. NOTE: My Product Today is currently only working with U.S.-based

Ricardo Valderrama
My Product Today
+1 954-526-6080
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