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Natural Growth Biostimulants, LLC Announces Approval of its Product Line for Use in Certified Organic Crop Production

ULTRA Garden

Product Line approved by Washington State Department of Agriculture for Use in Certified Organic Crop Production, Complying with USDA National Organic Standards

STUART, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Natural Growth Biostimulants’ products ULTRA Gold and ULTRA Garden have been included in the Washington State Department of Agriculture’s Registry of Organic Input Materials. The biostimulants have been determined to meet the requirements set forth by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Organic Standards for Use in Growing and Handling of Certified Organic Crops and Livestock.

“With a rapid increase in crop production demand, higher consumer standards, and the pressure to reduce the use of agrochemicals, farmers have been left searching for sustainable solutions in order to improve their livelihood. By obtaining this registration, our company has reached a milestone in our mission to increase the health of our farmlands, decrease nutrient leaching into our waterways, and increase crop production by aiding the natural processes of the soil and crops. Conventional, organic, and regenerative farming methods will be able to improve production while improving soil and plant health, and reducing the use of synthetic inputs and water.” said Bob Mark, CEO of Natural Growth Biostimulants.

Developed by farmers for farmers and home growers, the line of ULTRA Biostimulants acts both on the plant and the soil, but more importantly, the non-microbial biostimulants improve the synergy between plant and soil allowing both to thrive. Soil microbial activity, mycorrhizal growth, and cationic exchange capacity all increase, while a larger plant root allows the plants to take in more nutrients more efficiently. Combined, these factors lead to healthier soils and plants, more resilient and higher producing plants, and soils capable of better nutrient cycling and greater carbon sequestration.

About NGB: Founded in 2019, Natural Growth Biostimulants, LLC, produces and develops sustainable and regenerative solutions for agriculture and home growers. Based in Stuart, FL, NGB’s mission is to decrease agrochemical inputs and water usage while providing agricultural producers a resource for increased production using sustainable and regenerative processes.

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