President Joe Biden and Former President Trump

New Polling Shows Trump Would Win Against Biden In Rematch 48-44

President Joe Biden - the supposedly devout Catholic - has targeted religious groups, including those who share his own faith, by undoing legal provisions that protected Christian groups from funding abortion
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If you feel life has gotten worse under President Joe Biden, you’re not alone.

A record number of people feel that way, according to a new poll.

Amid the worst inflation in decades, record-high gas prices, escalating debt, and foreign policy weakness, an ABC News-Washington Post poll released Sunday found that 41% of Americans say they are worse off since Biden took office.

That’s more than triple the number who said the same when former President Donald Trump hit the two-year mark.

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It’s also the highest number in the poll’s 37-year history.

“The big hit on Biden is the economy,” the outlets said in the narrative accompanying the poll.

In comparison, just 13% of respondents said they were worse off at the same point under Trump. Meanwhile, Trump also leads Biden among those who were asked if they were better off, 25% to 16%.

Biden could find plenty of bad news in the poll, especially when compared to his predecessor.

For example, his 42% job approval rating is “well below average compared with the previous 13 presidents.” Collectively, their average was 56%.

Yet, the poll noted, “many more Americans have a negative rather than a positive emotional response to the prospect of [Biden’s] winning a second term.” By a “broad” 62-36 margin, the poll noted, people “would be disappointed or even angry if he were re-elected, rather than enthusiastic or satisfied.”

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Only 17% of respondents are “enthusiastic” about Trump winning another term. Yet that more than doubles the 7% who say the same about Biden.

Overall, if a rematch election was held today, Trump would win 48-44.

In one key measure, Trump slaughters Biden. Among independents who say they are worse off, just 12% approve of Biden, and Trump routs him in vote preference with this group by 82-8.

Biden is wildly unpopular even in his own party.

“Just 31 percent of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say the party should nominate Biden for re-election,” the pollsters reported. That’s actually four points lower than last September.

The poll further noted that the only group with whom Biden is “above water” is black Democrats. Yet despite all the wokeness he promotes, only 47% of black Democrats want him back compared to 41% who don’t.

Comparatively, 44% of Republicans want Trump back in the office, a 13-point margin over Biden.

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The pollster pointed out the danger for Biden.

Despite two years of Democrats relentlessly framing Trump as a traitor who wanted to overthrow the government, independents back him over Biden by a 50-40 margin.

“It’s worth keeping in mind,” the pollster noted, “that in nine of the last 12 elections, whoever won independents won the presidency.” 

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