New Zealand Based Company Embraces Nobel Prize Nominated COVID-19 And Agricultural Pathogen Eradication Technology

Globally Recognized Infection Control Expert

Kevin Smith CEO / Founder. Growth Marketing LTD

Richard Carson USA Partner

Growth Marketing Ltd, Auckland, N. Z. Affiliates With USA Based Global Infection Control Consultants LLC To Combat The COVID-19 And Agricultural Pathogens

We are pleased to form a Strategic Partnership with an innovative company having global reach to address pathogen issues related to people, plants and animals related to fungi, bacteria and viruses.”

— Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. President, GICC LLC

NORTH MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 / — Global Infection Control Consultants LLC, USA based experts in the control and elimination of harmful pathogens affecting people, plants and animals announces the formation of a Strategic Partnership with Auckland, New Zealand based Growth Marketing, LTD.

Growth Marketing LTD, who’s tagline is, “Using Nature to Help Nature” and Global Infection Control Consultants LLC whose tagline is, “Using Nature to Combat Nature’s Ills” are headed by two of the world’s most innovative, creative problem solvers. Their combined expertise and experience solving fungal, bacterial and viral issues related to ensuring people, plants and animals are protected, safe and continue to thrive is unmatched.

Global Infection Control Consultants LLC has an impressive list of accomplishments including recognition by The W.H.O. (for work with Mycobacterium tuberculosis) to a recent nomination for a Nobel Prize for groundbreaking technology to combat COVID-19(SARS CoV2). Arthur V. Martin Ph.D., President has been recognized for his work with Hospitals and the Health Care industry by prestigious organizations and has worked globally in 20+ countries including directly with foreign governmental organizations. Along with Kevin M. Martin MS, EdS and CEO, GICC LLC has been recognized for their Organic Based solutions with efficacy superior to chemical, drug and alcohol-based solutions currently in use.

Kevin Smith and Growth Marketing Ltd were responsible for launching the world's first seaweed based registered fertilizer, RESPONSE®, in 1980. The product was a spectacular success and became NZ's largest selling liquid fertilizer in two years. Growth Marketing also developed and launched, in 1983, Oceania's first computer for horticulture, the BLACK BOX®, which enabled growers to fully automate their greenhouses and control, from their own homes, inputs such as sprays and fertilizers as well as irrigation and humidity.

Kevin sold the company in 1985 when he moved overseas to launch REPSONSE® in the Brazilian market, and then re-established Growth Marketing Ltd on his return to N.Z. in 2018. Since then, Growth Marketing has been researching disruptive and innovative technologies that are environmentally friendly and will help to restore our planet. Since Richard joined the company as a director, a new brand has been launched – NATURE FIRST® which is now the umbrella brand for these new technologies. The recent agreement made with Global Infection Control Consultants LLC to assist in the worldwide marketing of Path-Away® and the M3 System®, means that Growth Marketing is now working intensively to ensure that NATURE FIRST® PATH-AWAY® will be available globally not only to organic farmers, and producers who wish to reduce or even eliminate the application of harmful chemicals, but also to the Public Health sector, eliminating infections (including Covid-19) in hospitals, schools, supermarkets or any large enclosed space. For more information:

Richard has enjoyed a long career, working in executive positions in several Fortune 500 companies– including Computer Associates and Siemens-Nixdorf. Over the last twenty years, he has become an entrepreneur, collaborating with partners to build several successful companies around the world in the Financial Services and Renewable Energy industries. Currently, Richard has focused on bringing disruptive technologies to market in several sectors, namely Waste to Energy and Water Purification. Most recently, he was appointed a director of Growth Marketing Ltd, and has now joined Kevin bringing his extensive contacts, along with his international sales and marketing experience, to ensure the successful world-wide roll out of these important technologies.
The team has discussed how the current COVID-19(SARS CoV2) pandemic has affected the lives of every person in every country. They discussed the necessity of controlling pathogens devastating the world’s Food Security and Agricultural Biosecurity. These are not separate, individualized problems but form a tightly woven problem than currently affects the world food supply with ever increasing complexity.

Strong, bold action is needed now. This team is focusing on their synergistic expertise to bring better health to people, increased crop growth to countries and healthier livestock to the food table of the world.
One recent project in Nigeria increased the forage crop production by 25-30% while eliminating harmful pesticides with half lives that remain to poison the growing area for years. One project in the USA resulted in a 10% weight gain in a major turkey producer while eliminating anti-biotics and chemical disinfectants. There was a major reduction in bird loss, an increase in feed effectiveness due to no chemicals used as a combatant against Salmonellae and E-coli content. A major benefit was a reduction in ammonia smell by the product used having the ability to break down the Urea enzyme. The large reduction in ammonia levels allows the poultry to thrive better, consume more grain and drink more water resulting in increased weight gain.

Strategic Partnerships bring innovation and results. Contact us for additional information.

Arthur V. Martin Ph.D.
+1 843-368-7063
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