Nobel Nominated COVID-19 Protection Available For Residences

Arthur V. Martin Ph.D.

The M3 System Delivery Module

The new Omicron variant of the COVID-19 Virus is rapidly overwhelming resources

Omicron Variant Rapidly Spreading

The Residential Housing Market Can Now Take Advantage of Nobel Prize Nominated Technology Sweeping The Medical Industry

Residential COVID-19 protection requests have skyrocketed. We have adapted our Nobel nominated technology especially to that market segment. You can now be assured of 24/7/365 protection in your home.”

— Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. President, GICC LLC

NORTH MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 25, 2021 / — Due to the continued emergence of COVID-19 variants including the “Omicron” variant we have been inundated with requests for a residential protection system. I’m pleased to announce that BETA testing is nearly complete and we expect to release the units to the general public by the end of February.

This release is a modification of our Nobel Nominated technology currently in use with the commercial, industrial, institutional and governmental market sectors. The system is adaptable to any residential Central HVAC system. Installation is simple, quick and provides hat peace of mind that your home is a sanctuary not only from the spread of COVID-19 but also other disease-causing airborne pathogens.
Modifications have been made that now allow our system to attack more than Fungal, Bacterial, Viral and Airborne Yeast problems. We have documented results of well over 99.99% reductions in harmful VOCs, Non-Volatile and Non-Viable Particulates.

VOCs, Volatile Organic compounds are responsible for the odor of scents and perfumes as well as pollutants. VOCs play an important role in communication between animals and plants, e.g., attractants for pollinators, protection from predation, and even inter-plant interactions. Some VOCs are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment. Anthropogenic VOCs are regulated by law, especially indoors, where concentrations are the highest. Most VOCs are not acutely toxic, but may have long-term chronic health effects.

Non-Viable and Non-Volatile particulates are outside the realm of Fungi, Bacteria, Viruses and Yeasts but can pose serious health hazards. The main entryway into the human body is through respiration. Commonly found items in enclosed spaces include skin cells, carbon particulates, pollen, starch particles, fiberglass particles and others. "Particulate matter," also known as particle pollution or PM, is a complex mixture of extremely small particles and liquid droplets. Particle pollution is made up of a number of components, including acids (such as nitrates and sulfates), organic chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles.

The size of particles is directly linked to their potential for causing health problems. EPA is concerned about particles that are 10 micrometers in diameter or smaller because those are the particles that generally pass through the throat and nose and enter the lungs. Once inhaled, these particles can affect the heart and lungs and cause serious health effects.

Similarly, so-called fine particulate matter (PM2.5), tends to penetrate into the gas exchange regions of the lung (alveolus), and very small particles (ultrafine particulate matter, PM0.1) may pass through the lungs to affect other organs. The smallest particles, less than 100 nanometers (nanoparticles), may be even more damaging to the cardiovascular system. Nanoparticles can pass through cell membranes and migrate into other organs, including the brain.

The key to keeping homeowners as well as all building occupants safe and healthy is the ability to provide Proactive Pandemic Protection automatically, constantly and safely with innovative technology that is “Organic based, Non-GMO, Tested, Proven and Approved.”

The M3 System® does exactly that.

Arthur V. Martin Ph.D.
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