Director Jovan Despotovski, TIDZ

Free Technological Industrial Trade Zones in North Macedonia

North Macedonia offers one-stop service, 10 years tax holiday, lowest corporate income taxes, and up to 50% state support in the max period of 10 years

We have created an environment where the investor gets a single point of contact with central and local government. ”

— Jovan Despotovski, Director of TIDZ

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2022 / — The North Macedonian Government’s Free Zones Authority, TIDZ is the focal point for foreign investors seeking support to invest and key growth partner with current portfolio of state aid contracts reaching EUR 0,7 bn with over 35 foreign investors. USA has continually been amongst the leading countries investing in North Macedonia in the recent years.

Politically and economically stable, located on the borders of the European Union and boasting a skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure, North Macedonia is attracting investment from major global companies from broad industries.

North Macedonia is the only one in the region that offer flexible and tailor-made solution for each investor, one-stop service, 10 years tax holiday for profit and lowest corporate income taxes, and up to 50% state support in the max period of 10 years.

Key incentives:
 One-stop service
 Up to 50% Government support in the max period of 10 years
 Support growth of capital investments and income with a return of 10+10% of investment costs in new machines and equipment, or investment in buildings
 10-year tax holiday for profit and corporate tax and 100% reduction of personal income tax up to 10 years.
 Long-term lease on land up to 99 years at concessionary prices
 Lowest operating costs in Europe
 Fast company registration
 14 full developed industrial zones with ready-to-use infrastructure.
 Free trade access to Europe
 Personalized after care “Single Entry Point” system enabling full professional support for each investor.

“North Macedonia is at the crossroads of the global economy. Here the investor gets a single point of contact with central and local government. One of the advantages of doing business with a relatively small country like North Macedonia is the flexibility we can offer. As director of TIDZ I am always trying to better understand the needs of the investor from the very first discussion,” says Mr Despotovski, director of TIDZ.

The good investment conditions and support packages contributed to increased economic activities in the free zones, even in the pandemic 2020/2021. The companies in the zones in the past decade has 16% average annual revenue growth, 32% average annual growth of net income and 55% average annual productivity growth.

TIDZ has its own contact person in Miami, Florida responsible for FDI, Miss Arijana Koskarova. For more information on the tax benefits and doing business in North Macedonia contact us on 786.479.9779 or at .

Take advantage of the investment benefits and invest in North Macedonia. #We grow together

Arijana Koskarova
Technological Industrial Development Zones North Macedonia
+1 786-479-9779


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