Notice from Republic Services to Subscription Area Customers Regarding $0.87 Charge

BROOKSVILLE, Fla. – Republic Services customers in the subscription area may have received an invoice or charge for $0.87. This amount is the approved price increase per quarter for 2021. This price increase went into effect on January 1, 2021, and increased the quarterly rate from $40.47 to $41.34.

This increase was inadvertently left off the bills that customers received in December 2020 for the period of January through March 2021.

When this increase was added to the accounts of these customers in January, the system generated bills for the $0.87 difference.

Unfortunately, Republic Services’ system does not process payments less than $1, including customers set up on autopay.

To resolve this situation, customers who ONLY owe the $0.87 may wait to pay that amount with their next quarterly bill. The next quarterly bill will be sent to customers in March

2021 for the period of April through June 2021 in the amount of $41.34, plus the $0.87 overage, for a total of $42.21. Customers on autopay may need to adjust their autopay maximum amount if they have it set.

Customers can go to their account online, select autopay, autopay settings and adjust the Max Payment Amount (see screenshot below).

Customers affected by the $0.87 payment will NOT receive any late fees or suspension of services for non-payment before March 2021. Republic Services is working to make sure that customers do not receive collection calls or late notices however, any customers that do receive these for the $0.87 ONLY, may disregard them.

Any customers who are past due for more than the $0.87 will need to pay those balances or be subject to late fees and suspension of service.

Please note: This notice ONLY affects Republic Services customers in the subscription area who pay quarterly bills directly to Republic Services for garbage collection.

This notice does NOT affect customers in the universal area whose garbage collection is included on their tax bill.

Please contact Republic Services at (352) 540-6457 for any questions regarding your account.


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