A CNN legal analyst took aim at Thursday evening’s hearing held by the Jan. 6 Select Committee, calling it “one-sided.”

Now Liz Cheney’s Liberal Friends Seem To Dislike Her As Well

Trump-hating Congresswoman Liz Cheney has apparently alienated her new friends on the left.

Trump-hating Congresswoman Liz Cheney has apparently alienated her new friends on the left.

The Wyoming Republican, who will leave the House in January after being thumped by Trump-backed Harriet Hageman in the GOP primary, is reportedly focusing the Jan. 6 committee final report solely on former President Donald Trump, according to Newsmax.

Pelosi installed Cheney and another left-leaning Republican, Rep. Adam Kinzinger, on the special panel after she refused to seat GOP lawmakers whom she considered Trump supporters.

The effect of Pelosi’s gambit was to create the illusion of “bipartisanship,” a theme trumpeted by Democrats and their media allies, while essentially ensuring the left would control the narrative and flow of the Jan. 6 investigation.

Yet it appears Cheney, who apparently has bought into her press clippings to the point where she thinks she can mount a presidential campaign in 2024 based on fighting back against Trump and his supporters, has upset her liberal allies as the final report comes due.

Newsmax, citing an item in The Washington Post, noted that several staffers on the special committee criticized Cheney for obsessing about Trump’s activities prior to and on Jan. 6, 2021 — and worse, has used their and her platform as vice chairwoman of the committee to further her presidential ambitions.

“We all came from prestigious jobs, dropping what we were doing because we were told this would be an important fact-finding investigation that would inform the public,” Newsmax noted, citing one unidentified former committee staffer’s comments to the Post.

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“But when [the committee] became a Cheney 2024 campaign, many of us became discouraged.”

Continuing, Newsmax reported, “Fifteen former and current Jan. 6 committee staffers told the Post they were concerned that important findings unrelated to Trump will not become available to the public. … (S)everal committee staff members ‘were floored earlier this month’ when they were told that a draft report would focus almost entirely on Trump.”

“Among the information potentially omitted is material gathered by investigators digging into the law enforcement and intelligence community’s failure to assess the threat and adequately prepare for the attack on the Capitol,” Newsmax added.

For her part, Cheney used this as an opportunity to trash their work.

In a statement to the Post, Cheney spokesman Jeremy Adler said, “Donald Trump is the first president in American history to attempt to overturn an election and prevent the peaceful transfer of power. So, damn right Liz is ‘prioritizing’ understanding what he did and how he did it and ensuring it never happens again.”

“Some staff have submitted subpar material for the report that reflects long-held liberal biases about federal law enforcement, Republicans, and sociological issues outside the scope of the Select Committee’s work,” added Adler. “She won’t sign onto any ‘narrative’ that suggests Republicans are inherently racist or smears men and women in law enforcement, or suggests every American who believes God has blessed America is a white supremacist.”

That last part is almost nonsense.

Cheney has announced that it is her mission to make sure Trump personally is not nominated or elected president again. But she also has done next to nothing to say that his followers are not enemies of democracy or the country, as elected Democrats and left-wing pundits have claimed for almost two years.

As The Free Press reported in September, Cheney said in an interview, “I think that Donald Trump is the only president in American history who refused to guarantee a peaceful transition of power. And so the fact that my party in the months since then has refused to stand up to him, I think, does tell you how sick the party is.”

Trump, though, took note of the Post’s report about how Cheney has alienated her left-wing allies.

“‘January 6 committee staffers are angry at Rep. Liz Chaney (sic) for focusing too much on Trump in the final report.’ This is the headline in The Washington Post, and those that know Chaney are not surprised because she is a complete PSYCHO, has no regard for the truth as to what really happened, and is angry that the people of the Great State of Wyoming put her out to pasture in a record-setting defeat,” Trump posted on his social media platform Truth Social.

“She blames me for this, but she only has herself to blame. Pelosi loved watching ‘Liz’ go BONKERS.”

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